Stuck For A Year

It has been a long while that I haven’t touched my blog and my computer. I have been busier with this “new normal” routine. I really need to update my blog. Not tomorrow, not the next day, but today. For those who knew my blog before, the header title was “40ish Wife and a Mom of Three”. I decided to change it. Why? Because in a month or so I will be turning 50. The 40ish thing will not be true anymore. [wink, wink]. I am thinking of what to blog on my “Golden” milestone. Could be 50 things that I still want to do. Could be 50 things that I have always wanted. Or 50 things that I have done in my entire 50 years of existence. Would be fun. I might as well list 50 things I wished for my 50th birthday.

I miss writing. I was so into teaching kids and painting for the past months. The last time I blogged was way back May, 2020. See? I’m not so busy, hahaha! You’ll see more of me now, and will share one by one what I have been busy with since last year. For the meantime, relax, sit back and enjoy your coffee or tea.

Bear with me,

Throwback Tuesday 003

It’s Tuesday, let’s move back for a while. I am really missing my friends now. It has been more than two months that we don’t bond since the lock down. This was taken last March 3, 2020. The restaurant was newly-opened. This is their 2nd day. When I bumped into my friends, we always end up eating! So I told them, “Let’s check out this new place called “La Frio Retiro”. I didn’t ask the owner how they came up with that name. But, she explained that she loves the Beatles, hence a lot of Beatles stuff are all over the walls. And obviously, the reason for Beatles song playing non-stop. How cool is that?

Me & my daughter Z

My daughter know the Beatles because of me. When she was small, I let her listen to old songs like Beatles, Cascades, Carpenters, ABBA, etc. Surprisingly, she almost memorized the ABBA songs.

My One-Bumped Away Friends

I always teased them, we are the “one-bumped-away gang”. The town is small for us, ha ha ha! No week that we will not see each other. Anyway, this place is so cold, with full blast air conditioning. And we were early too, so no one is around. The menu is all-American. Typical hamburgers, fries, hot dog sandwiches. Aside from the cozy place, I love their root beer! After this pandemic, I will come back for that root beer. Promise!


Until next foodtrip!


Kids Can Just Make You Laugh


With My Art Students! See, I look like a kid, too, hahaha! I am the one wearing a red shirt at the back.

Kids will always be kids. They will always surprise you of their innocent opinion, wisdom or humor. And, in the process, you will end up laughing with their responses.

Let’s try them!

My daughter speaks fluent Italian but not perfect English. When we went back to the Philippines, she had a hard time reciting the Lord’s Prayer. We always repeat each day, so she can memorize it. One day, she told me she can do it alone. With Italian accent, I listened, and she slowly recited, right up to the end of the prayer:

“Lead us not into temptation…but deliver us from E-mail.”  I can’t help laughing!

During our summer art class, I asked my students to draw a flower using shapes. As I was demonstrating, one student came to me and ask, “Ma’am, flowers don’t have perfect shapes, how could we draw using shapes?” I answered, just follow my instructions, so you will see. While I am starting to draw a heart, she asked again, “Ma’am, do flowers have a heart?”  I smiled and say, “We can draw a rosebud by using a heart, but flowers don’t have a heart. “So, if the flowers don’t have a heart, how do they survive. Humans need a heart to survive, right?” “Just draw with me and I will explain to you later, OK?” I rest my case…I won’t be able to draw that rosebud by explaining her about photosynthesis and how do flowers bloom and not die. [Ha ha ha!]

“Kids, who among you say prayers before eating?” Almost everyone raised their hands, except for one. “You didn’t raise your hand..why?”, I asked the kid. ”I can’t lie. I don’t say a prayer before I eat. I guess, I don’t have to. My Mom is a good cook. I guess I am safe.” [Do I need to say more?]

“Kids, listen up, be responsible, so when you are ready to settle down, you know what to do, OK?” You can’t imagine how they reacted. Some smile, some just didn’t mind, some get curious. “Ma’am, does marrying someone means you have to wash all your dishes after every meal?” “Yeah, you need to wash them, of course.” “Then, I will just hire somebody to wash the dishes, why marry anyway?” [I just can’t help smiling!]

Until next ! Be safe. Stay at Home.


Face Time Photo Shoot


All Photos by Ariana Curro’ [Behind The Scenes]

How cool is our technology, right? Everything is possible! Imagine a photo shoot from Italy to the Philippines. All you need is an Apple gadget, a perfect WiFi and a great photographer. We really had fun yesterday while shooting. I just need to “improvise” a studio with a perfect lighting [at the balcony]. Thanks to Ariana for featuring my dear daughter. I am excited to see the final outcome.

Hang on…



Can’t Tell The Day

Turin, Italy

Disclaimer: The photo has nothing to do with my blog. I just saw this in my old folder. I miss Turin [Torino].

You know these days, I have a hard time remembering or pinpointing what date or day is today. Since the quarantine started, I don’t wear my wristwatch and hardly look at the calendar to check. I thought it is Tuesday today. I asked my daughter and she said, “It’s Wednesday Mommy. Remember the garbage men passed by this morning?” Gheez, this staying-at-home, sometimes make us unmindful of the dates and time. Ha ha ha.

Our neighbor gave free breakfast meals this morning! Yummy porridge and biscuits! One thing I love about our neighborhood, we care about each other. Almost everyday, there will be someone giving free meals since the quarantine. And mind you, there is no rich nor poor in giving. We are all just human beings. Trying to be kind to one another. The local government yesterday gave 1 tray of eggs! See? How lucky we are!

We will be busy this afternoon, because my daughter had an appointment around 4:00 pm [9:00 am Italian time]. She will do a “Face Time Photo shoot” [Yes! Everything is possible now]. One of the Italian photographers sent me a message yesternight, if we could try this online shoot. Cool. It would be exciting. My daughter is thrilled. I hope the signal is way better later. Good that the rain had stopped. It has been raining since last night.

I will update soon!

Happy Wednesday!



The Weekend That Was


Photo by my daughter, Z

We just finished our 48 hours lock down here in our town. It’s not that hard, as long as you have foods inside the house. The kids are continuously eating! Gosh! Anyway, the sun is shining today, unlike yesterday, it was raining hard. We are now on the 44th day of quarantine. The local government have distributed the new Home Quarantine Pass. This time with our picture, so borrowing of ID pass will be avoided. Only one person per household is allowed to go out to buy food or medicine. There’s no other than me, to do the grocery. But, I just go out once. I see to it that I buy the essential foods and needs for the whole week.

I finally finished yesterday my painting for my best friend. It has been a week I am trying to finish that. Hahaha! I will share on my art blog page soon. Anyway, I am now finishing 2 other paintings on paper as part of my “Face-Series”. The “Quattro” (first of the series) has just been sold a month ago. Quattro (Italian) means four. The “Family O” (consisting of 5 faces), was my gift for my friend on her 50th birthday.

Anyway, I will be back with my paint brush now. I will leave you with this video clip.

This is my kids routine while on quarantine. Wake Up-Eat-Play-Eat-Paint-Sleep. My second son made this one. An entry for Project Space Pilipinas’ Quarantined Lives.


Have a Happy Monday!



TGIF #54: Something For My Birthday


It has been almost 7 years, since I last posted a TGIF [Thanks God, It’s Five-day-blog]. So, today I’m gonna retrieve that. I will just jot down five things that happened on my 49th birthday. Game?

  1. My best friend Chat surprised me with a beautiful birthday cake! Well, she never missed a cake for my birthday each year. Isn’t she awesome? Her sister too surprised me with an equally yummy custard cake. We are all wearing red top! That’s another unexpected surprise. Hahaha!
  2. My daughter Z, made a very beautiful birthday card. Handcrafted with love. I have no idea. How she hide it from me? Really amazing!
  3. My family planned a sumptuous lunch too, with my favorite dishes! We are all burping.
  4. I offered free breakfast to the neighborhood on my birthday and the day after. The feeling is just priceless. It is always nice to help people. Sharing is caring.
  5. My husband finally greet me on my exact birth date. Yeah, that’s new! Hahaha! He always think it’s the 21st of April.


All in all, I really had a blast. I will blog (with pictures) one by one these 5, OK?

Thanks everyone who greeted me on Facebook, Messenger and text messages. I feel so blessed!




My Last Year of Being 40..ish!

Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. Lao Tzu

For my birthday, I want to answer these 41 questions of self-awareness. I will just add 8 more questions to complete my age of 49. OK? Game.

1. How would you define life? Life is doing what you love the most and being happy and contented of what you have.

2. What’s your definition of success? Success is being a better person and doing what you loving what you do.

3. What would you do if you knew you would not fail? Just go for it.

4. Which of your skills or talents give you the greatest sense of pride? Painting.

5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Just don’t mind what others think.

6. What would your ideal career consist of? Just doing what you are best in.

7. What is your greatest accomplishment so far? My three wonderful kids.

8. Which one factor has had the greatest positive influence in your life? Perseverance.

9. Which one factor has had the greatest negative influence in your life? Please people.

10. Who and where do you want to be 2-3 years from now? Still here in the province. Teaching art classes.

11. If you had no financial obligations, what job would you most desire? Teaching.

12. What do you do better than most people you’ve come met or know? Paint I guess.

13. If you had children, which of your existing habits would you like to see your children adopt? Which would you not like them to adopt?

I got three kids. They adopted my artistic side. I’m a bit obsessive compulsive. I hope they don’t got that from me.

14. What can you do for a long period of time without getting bored? Paint. Write.

15. What do you know for sure? Success is not just being what you want to be. It includes luck, too.

16. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken? Choosing between love and family.

17. How do you think differently now than 6 years ago and why do you think this way now? Six years ago, I am patient. Now I’m super patient. Kids are growing up. And I teach small kids. Patience is my weapon.

18. Which of your senses do you use the most? Sense of sight.

19. What are the things you’ve done that you never knew you could do? Self-portrait.

20. What activities make you happy? Teaching the kids, painting and writing.

21. Why do different people from different part of the world live, behave , think and aspire differently? Different cultures and perspective, I guess.

22. What one activity can drastically improve your life today? Giving.

23. How are your beliefs today different from 6 years ago and why? Nothing much have changed.

24. How would you describe yourself? Funny.

25. How would others describe you? Hmm? Funny too.

26. If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your biggest regret? Not doing everything I wanted.

27. If you could do anything in the world what would it be? Save the earth. Even if it’s impossible.

28. What do you want to know more about? The outer space.

29. What are your short term goals? I can’t think of right now.

30. What are your long term goals? Just for kids to grow up well.

31. Who do you admire greatly and why? My husband. He’s my inspiration, really.

32. How do you spend your time? Blogging. Painting.

33. What do you know now that you wish you knew 5 years ago? That I can really nail an artwork and sold it.

34. Do you believe you can create or influence your future? Definitely yes.

35. What do you need to start doing now that will draw you close to your dream future? Just do what your heart desires.

36. What traits will greatly aid you in achieving your goals? Patience.

37. Do you believe anything is possible? Yes, definitely.

38. What quality do you admire the most about yourself? Being patient.

39. If you had a magic wand, how would your life be better in 3 months? Find a cure to COVID-19. That’s all we need now.

40. What scares you the most? COVID-19.

41. If you only have 5 minutes more to live, who will you call and what will you say? My husband. To say I love him more than he ever knew.

Bonus Questions:

42. What makes me sad? When my kids are sick.

43. What makes me happy? When I help. When my kids are healthy.

44. What makes me angry? I hate mess.

45. What things do I value in life? Respect. Love. Loyalty.

46. What makes me afraid? Sickness.

47. What type of friend am I? Easy to get along with.

48. What’s the best day you’ve had so far? My birthday today.

49. What does the word “self-love” mean to you? We must first love ourselves first, to love others whole heartedly.

Need I say more?