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10 Reasons Why I Haven’t Blogged in Two Years


If there exist a ZERO BLOG AWARD for bloggers like me, I should have definitely won by now. I’ve been busy for the past two years, and all I wrote was 1 blog last year! How sad. Just felt blogging this morning while I’m busy too updating other things. Thank God my computer still knew me. Haven’t touch it that much.

So what I have been through and have been doing, since we stay for good here in the Philippines?


Two of my three kids who were born and lived their lives back in Italy needs guidance for their new experience. The language, the foods, the environment, the people, and most especially the school. Everything about the Philippines is new for both of them. They never speak the Filipino language, but understand a bit. I would say it’s been so difficult for them. I stayed for a month or so with my daughter inside the classroom during her adjustment period. And now, she speaks Filipino and English language as if she was born in the Philippines. My second son, however still speaks in English, a bit of Filipino as well. I’m proud of them because they become achievers too in school in spite of the language barriers.

As for me, of course I need to adjust too. I have been away for almost two decades and I don’t even recognize some neighbors when I arrived. I will get lost on the streets already. Too much have changed in this hometown of mine.


When we arrived obviously, we still don’t have our own house to stay in. We settled for a year in my mother’s crib. Practically invading the third floor with full of boxes of our things. Literally, we brought home almost all of our stuffs from Milan. From kids’ toys, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. It has been exhausting unpacking and repacking and transferring into our new home. Until now, I still got untouched boxes to organize. Whew!


When you were an absentee on your school or family reunions, the tendency when you come back is to rekindle your relationship with them. I have been to gatherings, weddings, funerals, grade & high school reunions, family travels, and chitchat with neighborhoods. It was fun talking with everyone…knowing some, too. I have been closer to my grade school friends and created “The Original Sipay Unlimited“. Our group is practically small, 10 originally. But, our two guys passed away so quickly. I know they are laughing with us in heaven whenever we talked about them.

I have reunited with my high school gang too. “22B’s and Unknowns“. We seldom go out for distance problem. Some are overseas, some are away from our town. So we really organize a date for the get together.


Well, bonding with friends is awesome, but what we did [with my grade school classmates/friends] is to give back. We organized a “BecOS We Care” program and its goal is to give something to the community. Be it small or big, it will always be a pleasure to help others. We don’t need to be rich to reach people, right? For now, we had already 3 projects concluded. Looking forward for more.


So this is really the exhausting and stressful part of my two-year-stay. After 1 year,  finally, we built our dream house! I supervised everything personally. I bought almost everything: nails, screws, wood, roof, gravel, sand, hollow blocks. Name it, I have learned the construction items in a span. Quite an experience though. The stressful complains of the neighborhood for the dust and noise [and some damages, too], the out-of-stock of materials, the weather, and the out-of-budget! Really, being all alone literally is a double effort. My hub’s obviously a video call away. He can’t help me physically.

The building is finished, yet incomplete inside. It’s the furnishing and completion which is a bit slow. I don’t have millions! But, that’s OK. I can deal with that. As long as we got windows, roof and a bed to sleep. I am just happy as ever.


Well, if you are a full time mom or dad you are expected to be hands-on. I cook when I can [buy cooked food for the past 4 months since we don’t have yet gas], wash and iron clothes [bring to laundry shop when too much], wash the dishes, clean the house, water the plants, pay the bills, repair minor damages, attend school meetings, help on kids’ projects, etc. etc. I can’t jot every single thing I do everyday, and one should really tag me as SUPERMOM! Hey, Don’t contradict me. There is no room for being sick if you are a mom or dad, especially when there is no one around. I bet you can relate. I have no helper neither a husband [he’s abroad]. So where do I find time to sit down, relax and blog, huh? While I am sleeping, I guess. Ha ha ha!

Anyway, I like what I do. I complain sometimes, just to myself. But, I guess I won’t need any helper for now. I still can manage. Just as my hub said, “don’t get a helper, you will have an enemy”. He knows I am a perfectionist. Get the picture?


This should be no. 1 in my list. Ha ha ha! As what they say, “only in the Philippines“, internet sucks oftentimes! When I first arrived, the first thing I confirmed is the slow connection. I can’t even post photos! Just like now, during this writing. I wanted to put some photos, yet it always says “failure to upload“. Whew! Things have been so easy back abroad. No explanations needed. I can’t blog if I can’t connect.


This is very Italian. Tavola Calda means “Hot Table“. I opened up a small eatery on our ground floor. It was supposed to be our garage, but heck, I don’t have a vehicle. I don’t want it to be just an empty space. And, after the house was finished, I get a little bored not doing anything after domestic chores. I needed something to get busy with, that I like. We opened it last January, 2019. Pasta, french fries, cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks, chili dog, waffle, hamburger, flat bread, mango shake,  toasted bread, etc. etc. Yeah I can definitely handle that! Pasta pesto genovese is superb! You need to taste it! [chuckles]


OK. Another Italian word here. Ha ha ha! It means “Little Kids“. I had a hard time finding a name which has no similarity to other businesses. The guy at the DTI office when I was registering my business name had finished suggestions. So I decided to give another Italian twist to it. As of this writing, I am still furnishing/arranging stuffs on our second floor. This is what I love. A learning center for kids and a play area for them. How cool is that? Moms will not worry if they need to go somewhere without kids. They can drop theirs at our center. I would teach Art and Fashion class for this summer..hmm, my expertise…{“ahem…coughs”}. We will open this April 8! Gosh, am I ready by that date? I still need my Barangay clearance and tarpaulins and staff. Hope you can visit us soon! No free foods though. Just balloons.



Aside from our Eatery and Kid’s Center, there’s also my son’s recording studio on the second floor of our building. Anyway, he manages that so I am not busy with it. The ground floor however needs to be furnished. We decided to make it a transient home for travelers, guests or anyone who don’t want to stay at expensive hotels. It’s still empty so expect me to be the busiest creature this month of April. Got a due date. I guess I will definitely blog again next year. Ha ha ha! Once a year won’t hurt. Nah…my thoughts will definitely haunt me if I don’t jot them down.

Kidding aside, I hope I have written some 10 reasons why I don’t really have time to blog. I still have millions in my mind, but this summed it up. Sorry, this one’s got only pictures of myself [ready on the blog library]. I will definitely share some beautiful memories and shots when the internet permits me. Thanks for taking time to read. See, I wrote this thing for an hour or so. Hurrying now to pay some bills.



Love yah,


OMG! Don’t Tell Me It’s Been a Year?



OK, OK…I know I always say I will (always) update my blog. This is the second time I laid my hands on my personal computer in one year! Would you believe that? And, today I can’t even log-in to my account. Tried and tried, so I finally clicked that “forgot password” button. Finally, reset it! To cut the long story short, I had a busy year since July, 2017. Yeah, I have pushed (so hard), to blog or even make a draft, yet, struggling with the local snail internet here in town is a loose situation. I gave up.

So, what happened since last year? From our building construction, to kids’ schooling, bonding with friends and family, food tripping, and all those misfortunes & fortunes of life…here I am now, sitting in front of my beloved Lenovo PC and thinking about flowers, plants, blogs, fruits, and songs…and a lot more of other things.

At last I got a not so-snail-internet connection now. One reason to start blogging again. One year was so fast! My little girl speaks fluent Tagalog and English languages now. My second son, however can’t yet speak more than two sentences of Tagalog. He’s fluent though in English. OK, wait. For those who happened to just click this blog link, a bit of a flashback: My kids were born and raised in Italy, and we went back here in the Philippines last July, 2016. They had a hard time trying to speak Filipino. Will write another blog for their “Tagalog adventure”.

Anyway, our house was finally finished. It’s a 4-storey building, with 4-room units for rent on the first and second floors. Our residence is on the third and fourth floor. Hmmm? Too many stairs, as they say.  “Why live on the third & fourth floors?” I said, “Why not?” I love way up there. It’s quiet and it has an incredible view of Mt. Banahaw. Priceless indeed. I still miss my Italian life every now and then. When I see my friends’ photos on Facebook, there’s an irk inside of me, “I wish I was there laughing with them”…but on the contrary, I am loving my life here. Simple, slow, and free. Free from the stressful work abroad. Free from the endless errands of the bosses. Free from homesick.

My father had a hemorrhagic stroke last March, 2017, comatose for 9 days and his body was half paralyzed. We suffered, physically, emotionally and psychologically. It’s been hard. For a year, Dad had a tough recovery. Painful therapies, depression, etc. You know that feeling that you can’t even talked or moved normally your body. Everything hurts. Everything wasn’t good. But,God is always good. My father is still alive and no complications. He maybe bed-ridden but he’s OK. He’s 78!

I’m still in long distance relation and my husband’s still in Milan. Thanks for the messenger app! It’s the best connection we always have, day and night. I miss him! But, life is like that. We always need to sacrifice for our dreams. One bucket list fulfilled: our dream house. Though it’s not yet completely furnished, we are getting through, slowly, but surely.

I am busy now trying my thumb to be green. Hahaha! I am afraid I’m getting addicted to plants, flowers and other stuffs I never thought I could do. I’m happy each morning I see flowers blooming in my humble balcony. I am painting my own pots. I can practically sit for a day, just painting and shoveling soil. Gheez, I did it, not looking at the clock.

My mother’s finally home too! I guess it’s about time she rest from abroad life. She literally spent 35 long years in Italy! I spent 22 years there! I’m happy, she’s with us now here. I practically don’t grow up with my Mom. She left for abroad when I was 13. We were reunited in Italy when I was 22. So, I know she deserves to stay for good.

Do I still miss mentioning something? Well, my brain is a bit sleepy by this time. It’s 3 pm. I will leave you here hanging for the meantime. I got lots of stories to tell, so I will push myself to have those flashback for the last whole year or two years (since we came back home). Yeah, that’s quiet brain squeezing. Hope I still can rely on my memory.

It’s nice to be writing again. See you, soon!


Love lots,



Three Months and Counting


Three long but fruitful months outside the blog world is just amazing. I know i owe a lot of stories to tell, experiences to share and photos to show. We’ve been back “home” since last July 20. Home means from Milan, Italy to my hometown: Lucban, Quezon (Philippines).

We really didn’t tell about it to many people, only close friends and family that we’ll be back home to stay longer. “For good” is a big phrase, so i would like to just think of this stay as a long vacation. 22 years of living and working in Italy isn’t a walk in the park, so i guess this long overdue break is what i’m gonna need, and the kids as well.

For the nth time, bear with me. I will blog everything soon as i have more time. I have been busier these days.


2 Weeks More

Two weeks and it will be a life-changing leap for me and for my family. I haven’t been active (as usual) the past months. We’ve been travelling much and my daughter had a lot of photo shoots from May to June. Definitely blessed!

I can’t sit down and jot a lot of stories right now. I will savour these coming two weeks first and i promise to tell what’s all about this “Big Leap”.



Just hang-on there!