Jaki in School

jaki is in grade three now. seems just yesterday that he went to pre-school. his school is just a block away from our house, so we walk about five minutes every morning.
parents were called up in school for a meeting. among the agendas were the signing of the “pagella” (report card) for the first grading period. as far as i can recall, almost 2 or 3 times a year when parents are required to attend meetings or one-on-one talk with the teachers. except if you want to talk more with the teachers, you just need to ask an appointment.

first the teacher talked about the “scuola natura”. it practically means the kids are going out of town (a bit far) for 5 days with their teachers. they will be at Pietro Ligure, more or less 2 to 2.5 hours by bus from Milan. they will stay at a camp site and explore the nature, museums and other educational places. parents are not allowed, so, as expected… the parents are already in agony asking endless questions about the trip and all. it’s not compulsory anyway. for me it’s not a problem if i send Jaki away. but he is the problem. he doesn’t wanna go. he said, “mamma, non vuole dormire in un altra casa. non ciriesco. puoi è lontano, voglio stare con kiara” (mamma, i dont want to sleep in another house. i can’t. it’s far and i want to stay with kiara).
i would never insist him going if he’s not ready yet to be away from us for 5 days. so i put an X sign to the “not authorized to come” and sign the paper. maybe he’ll be ready next year.

the grades here were 1 – 10, not percentage
Subjects —————————– Grades
Italiano (italian) 7
Inglese (english) 7
Storia (history) 8
Geografia (geography) 7
Matematica (mathematics) 7
Scienze (science) 7
Technologia & Informatica
(Technology & Info) 8
Musica (music) 8
Arte & Immagine (arts &
images) 8
Scienze Motori & Sportive
(physical education) 7
Religione (religion) 7

Guidizio Sintetico – Evaluation
in questo primo quadrimestre Cevrich ha gradualmente maturato piu interesse per l’apprendimento e per l’esperienza scolastica. Con i compagni e gli insegnantoi mantiene rapporti positivi e corretti. durante le lezioni tede qualche volta a chiacchierare dimostrando di non aver completamente maturato un adeguato rispetto per le regole della vita in classe.
in this first grading period, cevrich has matured gradually. he has a good rapport with his teachers and classmates. during lessons, he tends to talk sometimes, which shows that he is still not completely mature with respect to classroom rules.
well, i always tell him to pay attention to the teacher during lessons because he would not be able to understand if he don’t listen well. he said, “mamma, mi sempre chiama riccardo, come faccio?” (mamma, riccardo always calls me, what will i do?”). i told him, “non rispondere quando c’è la lezione, altrimenti ti disturba anche i tuoi compagni di classe” (don’t reply to him during lessons, otherwise, you will disturb also your classmates)
everytime i bring him to school i always remind him, “non chiacchierare” (don’t talk too much).
i remember when he was 2 years old, he still don’t talk. i said to myself, what’s wrong with him? but when he starts talking, i can’t stop him anymore. nauubusan ako ng italiano, hahaha. (i’m lost for words sometimes in italian). he got difficulties in speaking tagalog language. he does understand but he cant speak up, even if we talk tagalog at home. maybe because he grew up here and everything he hears is italian. he’s afraid if he speaks tagalog, he’ll utter the wrong word. i can’t just force him. at least he knows english.

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