my living doll

i did’nt grow up with many dolls when i was small. as far as i can recall i have this small doll that had one trick: closing and opening her eyes, but at least it’s a doll which i can dress up. my mom used to make dresses for my doll and i enjoyed playing it. barbie doll isn’t existing i guess those times. but if it does exist, we can’t simply afford it.
since high school i’ve been dreaming about my future baby/babies. i always wanted to have a baby girl. i would dress her up like a princess, i thought. a living doll! after my two boys, i never thought God will still give me a daughter. my 2nd son is almost 7 years old and my possibility is 50-50. i’m 38! unexpectedly and surprisingly, a baby girl came! wow! the doctors might want to dish me up everytime i have my ultrasound because i always ask them if it’s really a “girl”. i’m so excited.
i named her Zendra Kiara. now she’s almost 15 months and eversince she was born, i was dressing her up morning, noon and evening. not to mention capturing all her moments…”click, click, click”…“yan na yata ang batang merong pinakamaraming picture sa mundo” (i guess she’s got the most numbered of pictures in the world), my hub joked.

(sforzesco castle)
(quarto oggiaro park)
(dressed for carnival festival)

(with her anne geddes doll)
(near our balcony)

(knocking at rooms)
(@ nonna esther’s house)
(going out)

(first time she walked)

(tambourine girl)
someday, she’ll gonna thank me for these pictures, like i thanked my mom.

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