i was just got curious of this love calculator i found while net surfing. me and my hub got 85%. i dont know what that means. is that an average level? whatever! anyway, i guess love can’t be calculated at all.
i just believe, love is destiny! you just can’t get away from it.

richard and i have known each other for almost 17 years. funny, when we actually 1st met, we were at the NBI (Nat’l. Bureau of Investigation) in Manila filing up a criminal case (Estafa) over someone who betrayed our mothers and other people with a large amount of money. that was 1993. Me and Richard really didn’t uttered a word. just plain glancing and ignoring each other. after a year, we saw each other again. this time at the Makati Regional Trial Court for our arraignment. I was with my bf that moment and Richard kidded us “how sweet. ants will bite you two”. that was it! i never heard from him again. i flew here in Milan that same year (1994) and i didn’t know what happened to him.
i had a son with my exbf, but my relationship with him had sadly ended. distance and communication barriers! we totally got lost contact. but i never blame anyone. that’s life. maybe it wasn’t really meant to be.
Richard came here by Feb. 1997 and inevitably we met again here in Milan. he was attached to someone back in the Phil. but we still had the luxury to be the best of friends: sharing thoughts, stories, almost everything! obviously he knew my past relationship so i didn’t have to explain about my son.
later on, her gf called and told him she can’t wait for him anymore and wants to get married as young as possible. so she broke up with him. he was hurt and we became closer than ever. going out, holding hands, hugging weren’t BIG deal for us. no monkey business. but before the year ended, he then uttered the word “LOVE”.
Wow! Amazingly, we were just in love. (giggles)
of course, not all love stories are perfect. we had our own trials in our relationship. at one point i gave him up. too much pressure and all, with the people around. he just fought for me and that’s what matters most. our love survived. by 1999 we decided to live-in together. we had great times! nobody ever believed that not even once we really “fight”. little arguments of “what to eat” were just normal, right? but big fights with shouting and harsh words? NOPE! i’m proud to say none ’til now. maybe he’s more patient than me. maybe i’m not the type who nags. maybe we just simply trust each other.
by 2001 i was surprised to find out i was pregnant with Jaki. it’s just unexpected. but, of course, we’re so happy about it. when we’ve gone home for a vacation in the Phil. we had never thought of any church or grand wedding. we didn’t have a lot of time too, to plan things out. so, we both decided to have a civil wed for the meantime. i wasn’t feeling good too coz i was pregnant. Jaki “tortured” me a lot until birth.
2009, i gave birth to a baby girl, named Zendra Kiara. i could not ask for more!
by november, we are on the 13th year of being together. lucky for us. a lot of relationships didn’t last that long nowadays. i guess that’s TRUE LOVE. i still feel nervous when he’s around and that’s one thing i love about us. we’ve been best friends. i guess understanding, communication, respect and passion were some of the ingredients in our relationship.
so here i am jotting our love story…where our destiny led us to.

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