Saturday in the Park

the weather’s becoming weird here (last friday it’s raining). i woke up at about 6:30am and turned on the tv (in mute mode). my hub will yell at me, “aga pa nyan” (it’s still early) if he hears the tv on. i’m used to watching morning news, especially the “meteo” (wheather forecast). it’s gonna be a sunny saturday. nice. after a quick clean up in the bathroom, i wrestle with the paddles in the kitchen 🙂 and prepared soup for breakfast. after that, i started ironing clothes. the kids woke up around 8am. my hub set the table and the 4 of us ate quickly. hub got out about 10am for his work and me and the kids went out. it’s such a nice saturday.
we went first at Simply grocery store to buy “merenda” (snack). picked up some biscuits and a handy mineral water. all we got in the house were of 2 liters. i wont bring a big bottle out. on our way to the park, we stopped at a news stand and zendra pointed at a looney tunes surprise bag. she’s getting smart picking what she wants, and not knowing if her mother have enough money. hahaha.

jaki played along with the three kids who were there. it’s kind of a natural thing for them to come along well even they don’t know each other. quite an envy. if adults could have been like kids and just let go and let live..the world could be a better place. peaceful!
i opened the surprise bag and dyaraaaan! a yellow tambourine, and lots of looney tunes coloring books! 4.50euro justified. i dont complain. zendra hold the tambourine and never let it go, even while eating some biscuits or playing with the ball.

click and click– quick fotos kids!

zendra suddenly forgot the other stuffs in the bag when she saw the slide. i took off their jackets ‘coz it’s hot in the park. the sun is fully shining. i put zendra on the slides, and thank God she wasn’t scared. the first time i put her on slides, she cried so hard.

i let the kids play and had fun. it’s almost 1pm. dah? time flies so fast. i’m starving. “andiamo bambini” (let’s go kids).
Jaki: Mamma, ancora un po (Ma, some more minutes)
Zendra: Waaah, waaaaah (while im putting her jacket)
Me: Ok…some more minutes
Zendra: Waaaaaaah, waaah…(while i imprisoned her in her stroller)
she never stops crying…

almost 2pm. i called Jaki. he never complained though. we walk towards home just 30 meters away. Zendra’s still crying and she wants to push her stroller. arrrgh! jaki smiled when i allowed zendra push it. i told jaki, “forse domani saremo a casa” (maybe we will be home for tommorow). jaki laughed a lot and i laughed back. of course, if zendra will push the stroller back home with her tiny, slow steps…we’ll sure be at home by Sunday, right?
we arrived home and zendra is still crazily howling & crying. i set the bath tub for both kids and bathe them quickly. gave zendra her milk and prepared lunch for me and jaki. zendra slept.
i found peace in the house, finally.

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