busy april

April is coming and i can’t stop it!
my calendar’s almost tagged for this month.
1 – 11 : school is closed for holy week vacation for my son
5 : holiday here. we still have no concrete plans for the holy week. i’m still courting my hub. =)
7 : got an appointment at 12:30 @ACLI to fill up for ISEE. (certificate needed in school for enrollment)
11 : we’ll watch a pinoy concert @ Palalido (Milano) featuring Rey Valera, Jessa Zaragosa and Renz Verano.
22 : encircled in pink – it’s my birthday! turning 39! people around me are getting old (not me, hahaha)
25 : supposed to be a holiday but falls on sunday. it’s italy’s liberation day. we got tour invitations for Montecarlo & Nice. not sure if we’re going.

this is where we are supposed to go. wow!
28 : my ATM travel card will expire. need to renew.
29 : hospital appointment fo my daughter (allergologist) @ 12:30
if i were to encircle the deadline of bills and friends’ birthday reminders, the whole calendar will look like a tic tac toe puzzle. hahaha.
Cheers to April!

deadline met!

after the change of birthday location, additional names on the invitation, and my printer moods, i finally finished these 150 pieces! i only do invitations strictly for friends and some acquaintances. i won’t make a career out of printing. it would probably steal more of my time. so, net surfing would only be the rival of my domestic chores & motherhoood. krafts will stay as hobbies.

"box in a box"

CJ’s origami project
Life (in a Box)
A dab of pain, but a brush of joy,
A sprinkle of anguish, but with pounds of joy,
Discretionable amounts of laughter-the more, the merrier,
Paint a picture, cook a platter, or others-no which way is better,
Life is what it is, everyone sees, or eats, it their own way,
You choose your friends, your lovers, the course of your day,
You choose how you open it, how you cut it, how it unfolds,
You make the colors, buy the ingredients, you pick out your mold,
It might turn out bad, or it might turn out swell,
One minute, everything’s perfect, the next, it all goes to hell,
You never know, though, so that’s the best part-
You know you’re scared, even if only a little, in the lowest crevice in your heart,
You might win the lottery! On a test, you scored high,
get an answer to a forgotten why,
Gain, or lose, something monumental,
Find out life is a video, it’s merely your soul’s no-late-fee rental,
But, hey, there’s more to it, past that,
Yes, life’s short, so smack away all the bad stuff,
good thing to use is a bat,
Who cares if you’re ‘not bangin’ ass sexy’, or if the rhymes you got ain’t tough,
No pun intended, another joke, following infinite more,
Funny or not, the stories that will come with them are all worth living for.

Davon Clark

domestic disasters

Bummer no. 1
i’m not used wearing wrist watch at home. a lot of times i put it inside my pocket when i’m dressed up. it’s one of my “memory gap”days. i forgot to check it inside my jeans pocket and there it was…helplessly soaked in the washing machine!
still steamy inside. tic..toc..tic..toc. breathing…she’ll survived.

Bummer no. 2
“Hurricane Zendra” was on the loose while i’m busy at the kitchen. this happened to be her brother’s fave books when he was a toddler. his brother is too keen in keeping his books alive and well. he will be quite devastated to see this book torn into pieces by her little sister. i’m ready for my son’s preach. sigh.
Bummer no. 3
“Typhoon Zendra” hit again! she pulled my printer’s cover! there was nothing else i can do.
when you have a one-year old at home and a mother with memory gaps, chances are domestic disasters are inevitable. just get ready with scotch tapes, glue and whatever, to fix the tragic consequences.

palm sunday

it’s a very sunny sunday. lots of tourists flocked the center of milan. church was crowded and palms are all over. we had fun strolling, shopping & eating. the pictures said it all.

as usual, in front of the castello sforzesco. zendra kept pointing the fountain, so we sat around for a while. my son, jaki’s not feeling that well (stomach ache). later on, he’s been ok.
i always call my mom to go with us. served as “baby-sitter”. =)
first stop: shop for jaki’s new shoes. his leather shoes doesn’t fit anymore, while his rubber shoes is yelling for a new one. first choice is black adidas: no more size for him. second choice: new balance, light brown: he didn’t like it.
was zendra suggesting a shoes for his kuya or she’s choosing for herself?
winner: white nike for jaki!
hub said, “ikaw? ano gusto mo?” (what do you want?) without a blink i got this purple sweat shirt. baka magbago isip mister ko eh. (before he changed his mind)
while roaming around the decathlon sport store, zendra’s busy biking around. she doesn’t want to get up. mom ended up buying one for her. thanks mom!
strolled around. and starved.

next stop: spizzico. what else? pizza fever!!!
zendra’s fries!
hurray! it’s the new eco-bus…cool! going home…
i don’t know why, but my daughter won’t let go of the paper glass and the straw. literally slept with it until we got home.


disclaimer: long! don’t complain. i warned you, right?

i would have entitled this: silent pondering thoughts. but, if talking to a 1 year old could give me responses, i would have said it aloud. =) my baby girl is just watching me type here. she’s playing (making a disaster) on her pen with his big brother’s card collection. jaki will kill me later. =)

it’s 14:53 here, and i should really be facing my invitation card deadlines or ironing clothes. i don’t know which was really less stressful. my printer’s killing me a bit. sometimes, it stucks..and sometimes it says “please insert a paper” even there’s plenty of papers inside. i need to print 150 birthday invitations and i only printed 10 as of now!
ten? omg! i have to finish these cards for next week. i still need to design each card with a ribbon and borders. dah? instead, here i am blogging. is this a relief?
my brain is not stopping for ideas right now. i guess i need this blog break from printing. i got a mountful clothes to iron, but i’ll postpone it for tomorrow.
i haven’t taken my lunch yet at this time. i’m not even on a diet, but i’m starvingly waiting for my hub. he’ll be home soon.
words, words…? somehow we talk about words.
words are never just words. even when they seem just words. for the hand that writes there, is the mind that reads, a soul that deciphers.
HAPPY – i am happy to see my kids healthy. i brought them both at the park today and let them be free. my daughter was sick last week and i’m so happy for her quick recovery. my second son had swollen eyes this morning, but i said, “dont worry, it will pass”. he trusted me. his eyes were ok now. my eldest son back in the philippines is ok too. i won’t ask for anything else, but their health.
i’m happy with my husband. 13 years of being together! deadline of bills, school payments, small food menu debates, “forgot-to-buy” supplies, etc. i’m just happy we always pass thru these things without arguments, without rants. patience endures.
REACTION – i happened to see a blog with a “quick reaction” theme. i grabbed it when she’s not around. hahaha! words = 1 word reaction: that’s the rule. she got 35 numbers. i copied only 10.
1. Power Rangers: kids
2. Best vacation: venice
3. Santa Claus: gifts
4. Bon Jovi: rock
5. Facebook: fun
6. Paris Hilton: hah?
7. Neverland: johnny depp
8. High School: unforgettable
9. Alcohol: pass
10. Love: perfect
FACEBOOK – yeah i have been quite a fan right now. i literally left my multiply site and just concentrate on it. i found relatives i haven’t seen nor heard for 20 years or so. cool! i’ve been into farming (farmville), cooking (cafe world), architecting (my city life), fishing (fishville) careers! i have no salary though. lot of times, they stole almost half of your day. so, i just decided to be easy on them from now on. i can’t stay all day playing. what just annoys me sometimes are the other applications. why are some people fond of commenting like that? it’s better to say “hi” than to send “accept this and that”. if you blocked the applications, they might think, i don’t care, so i’ll just continue to rant here.

LUNCH – i’m crazily starving now. still no sign of my hub. i crave for kebap. should i call my hub and order take outs? hmmm? maybe, i’ll just make carbonara. it’s almost snack hours. kids had their choco biscuits and juices.
too much for words right now… stomach is complaining.


easter’s fast approaching! kids are eggs-cited!

i guess my son had asked me 5 times about the easter eggs today. “va bene, andiamo fuori” (ok, we’re going out!”) i said. going out means i need to have at least 20euro in my pocket! argghh! otherwise, my kids will bug me.

jaki’s looking for a “hot wheels” chocolate egg. but they’re not available. so he just chose the dinosaur egg (5.90euro). my daughter still has no idea of chocolate eggs with surprises inside. so i had the honor to pick one for her. i got the small one (2.90euro), she didn’t bother at all.

they got eggs. you think jaki’s satisfied? of course, his gormiti (toy) addiction will never fade. i bought 2 packs (2.90 each). anyway i have been promising him these for the weekend. i still got 5.40euro!

jaki also requested his fave choco biscuit, “ciocchini”. i’m down to 3.40euro! whew! it doesn’t matter though. as long as my kids were contented and happy.

hope the sun will continue to shine. it’s now day light saving time! we’ll sleep 1 hour less tonight.

zendra picked a yellow flower and she was just so curious about it. cute!