TGIF #5: something funny

it was a stressful week for us: bathroom’s still a wreck (the job’s unfinished). another leakage problem; bank issues and all… so, i was actually going to jot down my friday rants today, but i changed my mind. i’d rather be relaxed than to add wrinkles on my forehead. the ranting will have their own time. i want a cheerful weekend. i need some laughs!

here are five funny stuffs about marrriage that i grabbed from net surfing:
Man: Is there any way for long life?
Dr: Get married.
Man: Will it help?
Dr: No, but the thought of long life will never come.
Why do couples hold hands during their wedding?
It’s a formality just like two boxers shaking hands before the fight begins!
Wife: Darling today is our anniversary, what should we do?
Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes.
It’s funny when people discuss Love Marriage vs Arranged.
It’s like asking someone, if suicide is better or being murdered
It is difficult to understand GOD . He makes such beautiful things as women and then he turns them into Wives
If u r married please ignore this MSG,
For everyone else: Happy Independence Day
Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something you say.
After marriage, he’ll fall asleep before you finish.
There’s a way of transferring funds that is even faster than electronic banking. It’s called marriage
Galfriends r like chocolates,
Taste gud anytime.
Lovers r like PIZZAS, Hot n spicy, eaten frequently.
Wife r like Dal RICE, eaten when there`s no choice
Man receives telegram: Wife dead should be buried or cremated?
Man: Don’t take any chances. Burn the body and bury the ash.
Prospective husband: Do you have a book called ‘Man, The Master of Women’?
Salesgirl: The fiction department is on the other side, sir.
Q: Why dogs don’t marry?
A: Because they are already leading a dog’s life!
There was this guy who told his woman that he loved her so much that he would go through hell for her. They got married and now he is going thru hell.
Fact of life: One woman brings you into this world crying & the other ensures you continue to do so for the rest of your life !
now i’m stress relieved!

rashes are back

rashes on her face are back again! for every change of seasons, my daughter’s skin are too sensitive. (sigh)

we had a 12noon appointment at the ospedale sacco (hospital) at the pediatrics-allergology department. upon entering the hospital gates, there you can see the big cage full of birds. i let zendra enjoyed first in listening to the chirping of the birds. anyway, it’s 11:30 am.

11:45am, we were already at the waiting area of the pediatrics. zendra keeps on walking to and fro, and got busy waving at the other babies and mothers.

zendra’s turn. she had some tests in the arms. 8 punctures and she didn’t even blink or cry. Brava! she was somehow used to it i guess. every 6 months we go here for follow ups. she was allergic to graminacee o poaceae (graminaceous plants)

P5040050.jpg (179210 byte)

P5040052.jpg (191444 byte)

some sample of plants that can lead to allergies during spring/summer time

the doctor prescribed antihistamine: zirtec drops, advantan cream for the rashes, and dexeryl dermal lotion for everyday use. not to mention the triderm bath oil for her bath. normal soaps are prohibited. wheew! i spent more or less 30euro! mahal ha! (expensive) but that’s ok, as long as she’ll be fine. the doctor also said the sea water will be better for zendra.

hmmm…should i make early plans for the beach?

patti austin: a doze of solace

i just got home from zendra’s check up. i didn’t bring with me the stroller, ‘coz it’s too heavy for me to carry when travelling. it’s not easy to pull it up when you’re alone in the tram. the tram’s stairs were too high. i just carry my daughter with me on the way to the hospital. it’s the going back home that’s tiring. i was carrying along a plastic bag of groceries on my left and zendra fell asleep in my right arms. whew! i’m sweating under the sun.
anyway, i got home finally! i can’t feel my arms. gosh she’s too heavy now. first thing i did is to turn the radio on. yeah,i need some music!
“.…although music is sweet,
but the song’s incomplete..
now in my life…
boy in my life..
something is missing…
it’s the truth,
yes, it’s true..
still there’s no me and you,
here in my life..
boy in my life…
something is missing…”
wow, i’m in heaven hearing patti austin’s in my life song! i came to know her music when i was in freshmen years in high school. i love her type of music: r & b, soul/jazz…sarap pakinggan! (nice to hear)

patti was born on august 10, 1948 in new york, new york

Selected discography

  • End of a Rainbow, CTI, 1976.
  • Havana Candy, CTI, 1977.
  • Live at the Bottom Line, Epic, 1979.
  • Body Language, CTI, 1980.
  • Every Home Should Have One, Qwest, 1981.
  • In My Life, CTI, 1983.
  • Patti Austin, Qwest, 1984.
  • Gettin’ Away with Murder, Qwest, 1985.
  • The Real Me, Qwest, 1988.
  • Love Is Gonna Getcha, GRP, 1990.
  • Carry On, GRP, 1991.
  • Live, GRP, 1992.
  • That Secret Place, GRP, 1994.
  • In and Out of Love, Concord Jazz, 1998.
  • Street of Dreams, Intersound, 1999.

here’s the in my life song grabbed in youtube.

bathroom’s a wreck

we had just changed the flush knob of our WC (water closet) more than a month ago because it doesn’t close well. the water keeps on running all night and it made our WC yellow. i think we paid 100euro for the labor and new flush knob. anyway, about a week ago, my hub noticed a leak coming from the wall, so he guessed the tube inside is the problem. my hub’s right.
we had an appointment today around 9am. the italian plumber is punctual (as they always do). he said, he has to remove the tiles to change the whole tube. so be it!

the problem is, they have no tiles the same as ours. hmm? any solution to that?

plumber at work
my daughter zendra keeps on going inside the bathroom and so curious about that flame thing. he said we’ll pay about 125euro. we’ll see about that when the labor’s finished.
now where do i pee?

10 commandments

by helen steiner rice

* 1. Thou shalt be happy.

* 2. Thou shalt use thy talents to make others glad.

* 3. Thou shalt rise above defeat and trouble.

* 4. Thou shalt look upon each day as a new day.

* 5. Thou shalt always do thy best and leave the rest to God.

* 6. Thou shalt not waste thy time and energy in useless worry.

* 7. Thou shalt look only on the bright side of life.

* 8. Thou shalt not be afraid of tomorrow.

* 9. Thou shalt have a kind word and a kind deed for everyone.

* 10. Thou shalt say each morning — I am a child of God and nothing can
hurt me. *

hot wheels craze!

my son Jaki discovered his “hotwheels” passion since the age of 3. he never get tired of collecting these wonderful mini cars. everytime we go to a mall, he never miss picking one or two cars. it costs 1.50euro each. back in the philippines, we bought 80pesos each. as of now he almost got 300+ or more. i stop counting (and calculating the price) since he was 6. he’s 8 years old now.

amazingly, he memorize his cars. he knew what he lacks, so he knows what new model to buy. but of course, he also got his faves. he put them in a sack, so when he wants to play, he just take the sack from his toy box. the cars in the pictures are his all-time faves. the other hotwheels sleep in his box.

jaki’s number one enemy: zendra!
she always mess around when he’s playing. hahaha!
maybe zendra will start collecting barbies.
hmmm? i’ll be bankruft.

TGIF #4: something on my birthday

i turned 39 yesterday. i’ll do something fun or a special treat, i silently thought. i woke up around 6am and my hub’s already having his coffee. he greeted and kissed me. “happy birthday…now, here’s my credit card. buy what you want”. ghee! would that mean i could buy diamonds? hahaha. my smile reached my ear. the dilemma begins: what do i buy – what do i like.
for today’s five (it’s friday again!), here are what happened on my birthday.
1.) i know our curtains are yelling for laundry for months, i’m just continuously ignoring their complains. i decided to clean the windows (yeah you heard it right!) it should have been my hub’s job. anyway, i just did. what a nice day to start my birthday. i headed to my chinese friend’s store and bought some curtains. i treated my windows a touch of lavander. cool!

2.) my son is at school. zendra and i headed to piazza duomo. my daughter haven’t experienced feeding the doves herself. months ago, she panicked when doves surrounded her. i need to test her again. hurray! she wasn’t scared at all. she enjoyed feeding the doves, and keeps on running around the wide space in front of the duomo di milano. she fell asleep on our way home.
3). for snack i bought 1 box of doughnuts. don’t ask me how many minutes i finished the 6 doughs. =) for lunch i treated myself with one of my fave pinoy dishes, spicy bopis. i don’t know how to cook that. i just bought it from my aunt tuding. i am so full, i could just burst. hahaha!
4.) i don’t really celebrate my birthday. the last time i really had a party was when i turned 30. my colleagues at work contributed and bought me gifts. wow! what can i say? i got two United Colors of Benetton bags! a big black and a small white. yahooooooo! i love UCB!
5.) my mom cooked some pancit (rice sticks), and fried chicken. then my aunt patty baked a custard cake for me. we had a small party before work. i found a greeting poster on the wall next to my locker. i was really ecstatic! i wish i could live that long – 4 thousand years, giuliana wrote. she’s american, but lived in italy for decades. she still remember speaking english though. the italians love the pancit. one of them, (patrizia, the blonde) kidded, (translated in english) “we’ve been eating this spaghetti di soia (pancit) for 10 years and we’re somehow filipinized”. not to mention the fried chicken. it can compete the KFC. =) mom’s the best!
all in all, i had a great birthday. my heart can’t contain my happiness.
i’m still flapping my hub’s credit card.
hmmm…still thinking what to buy…

enjoying the doves

it’s my birthday and i don’t want to treat myself pounding my keyboards and stay home. zendra and i went to stroll around the center of milan. of course, we wouldn’t forget to hang out at piazza duomo. it’s kiara’s first time to be not scared of the doves. i brought with me biscuits for her and she also shared some to the doves. she really enjoyed.

she might be “feeling at home”. literally sat down and waves at me.

oooops…i didn’t capture the actual acrobatic act she did. argh! too fast. i’m slow using cell fone cam.
mamma where are the doves?- she might probably thinking. i guess we needed a lot biscuits or corn so doves will come to her. fortunately, we can feed doves here. in venice, it’s now prohibited to feed the doves. the doves’ excretes they say ruin the churches and buildings.

doves, eat my biscuits, come here…i’m not afraid anymore

yum, yum, yum….

“mamma, can i have biscuits again?”

she enjoyed running around. she had fallen asleep on our way home. next time we go there, i’ll wont forget a sack of corn, and my digicam.