enjoying the doves

it’s my birthday and i don’t want to treat myself pounding my keyboards and stay home. zendra and i went to stroll around the center of milan. of course, we wouldn’t forget to hang out at piazza duomo. it’s kiara’s first time to be not scared of the doves. i brought with me biscuits for her and she also shared some to the doves. she really enjoyed.

she might be “feeling at home”. literally sat down and waves at me.

oooops…i didn’t capture the actual acrobatic act she did. argh! too fast. i’m slow using cell fone cam.
mamma where are the doves?- she might probably thinking. i guess we needed a lot biscuits or corn so doves will come to her. fortunately, we can feed doves here. in venice, it’s now prohibited to feed the doves. the doves’ excretes they say ruin the churches and buildings.

doves, eat my biscuits, come here…i’m not afraid anymore

yum, yum, yum….

“mamma, can i have biscuits again?”

she enjoyed running around. she had fallen asleep on our way home. next time we go there, i’ll wont forget a sack of corn, and my digicam.

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