TGIF #4: something on my birthday

i turned 39 yesterday. i’ll do something fun or a special treat, i silently thought. i woke up around 6am and my hub’s already having his coffee. he greeted and kissed me. “happy birthday…now, here’s my credit card. buy what you want”. ghee! would that mean i could buy diamonds? hahaha. my smile reached my ear. the dilemma begins: what do i buy – what do i like.
for today’s five (it’s friday again!), here are what happened on my birthday.
1.) i know our curtains are yelling for laundry for months, i’m just continuously ignoring their complains. i decided to clean the windows (yeah you heard it right!) it should have been my hub’s job. anyway, i just did. what a nice day to start my birthday. i headed to my chinese friend’s store and bought some curtains. i treated my windows a touch of lavander. cool!

2.) my son is at school. zendra and i headed to piazza duomo. my daughter haven’t experienced feeding the doves herself. months ago, she panicked when doves surrounded her. i need to test her again. hurray! she wasn’t scared at all. she enjoyed feeding the doves, and keeps on running around the wide space in front of the duomo di milano. she fell asleep on our way home.
3). for snack i bought 1 box of doughnuts. don’t ask me how many minutes i finished the 6 doughs. =) for lunch i treated myself with one of my fave pinoy dishes, spicy bopis. i don’t know how to cook that. i just bought it from my aunt tuding. i am so full, i could just burst. hahaha!
4.) i don’t really celebrate my birthday. the last time i really had a party was when i turned 30. my colleagues at work contributed and bought me gifts. wow! what can i say? i got two United Colors of Benetton bags! a big black and a small white. yahooooooo! i love UCB!
5.) my mom cooked some pancit (rice sticks), and fried chicken. then my aunt patty baked a custard cake for me. we had a small party before work. i found a greeting poster on the wall next to my locker. i was really ecstatic! i wish i could live that long – 4 thousand years, giuliana wrote. she’s american, but lived in italy for decades. she still remember speaking english though. the italians love the pancit. one of them, (patrizia, the blonde) kidded, (translated in english) “we’ve been eating this spaghetti di soia (pancit) for 10 years and we’re somehow filipinized”. not to mention the fried chicken. it can compete the KFC. =) mom’s the best!
all in all, i had a great birthday. my heart can’t contain my happiness.
i’m still flapping my hub’s credit card.
hmmm…still thinking what to buy…

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