rashes are back

rashes on her face are back again! for every change of seasons, my daughter’s skin are too sensitive. (sigh)

we had a 12noon appointment at the ospedale sacco (hospital) at the pediatrics-allergology department. upon entering the hospital gates, there you can see the big cage full of birds. i let zendra enjoyed first in listening to the chirping of the birds. anyway, it’s 11:30 am.

11:45am, we were already at the waiting area of the pediatrics. zendra keeps on walking to and fro, and got busy waving at the other babies and mothers.

zendra’s turn. she had some tests in the arms. 8 punctures and she didn’t even blink or cry. Brava! she was somehow used to it i guess. every 6 months we go here for follow ups. she was allergic to graminacee o poaceae (graminaceous plants)

P5040050.jpg (179210 byte)

P5040052.jpg (191444 byte)

some sample of plants that can lead to allergies during spring/summer time

the doctor prescribed antihistamine: zirtec drops, advantan cream for the rashes, and dexeryl dermal lotion for everyday use. not to mention the triderm bath oil for her bath. normal soaps are prohibited. wheew! i spent more or less 30euro! mahal ha! (expensive) but that’s ok, as long as she’ll be fine. the doctor also said the sea water will be better for zendra.

hmmm…should i make early plans for the beach?

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