party dance

we didn’t only enjoy the food at the weekend’s party, but we enjoyed also the dances performed by the kids. i captured some videos.
my friend asked me before if my son Jaki can participate at group dance. well, my son’s a bit shy type. maybe some other time.

new playmate

since we have no toddlers in the neighborhood, my zendra is very eager to have a new playmate around. my new colleague from work has a daughter same age as zendra, so i invited them over to our place and the two little girls (plus my son) had fun.

zendra got tired of playing…
pretty maxim (half italian-half pinay), playing with zendra’s bike
seems they understand each other even they say “baa..baaaa…da……daaa”
jaki and zendra playing ball
not the sand zendra…get the ball!

Historical Inter FC !

before i went here in italy, i don’t know anything about soccer. but, when you’re here, you will know soccer! i don’t consider myself as a so-called soccer fanatic. but, of course every now and then, i cheer for a team or so. the first team i knew here was Juventus (team from Turin) and i love alex del piero (Juventus’ captain ball). he’s good and handsome! =)
my hub, mom-in-law and the rest of the family were so loyal to Inter FC (Milan’s team, aside from Milan AC). so when there’s no Juventus around, i cheer a bit for inter.
after the Italian Cup (May 5) and Italian League (May 16), the Inter FC tonight (May 22) had won the European Champions League. what a grand slam! it changed the italian soccer history. first time grand slam for an italian team. and for more than 40 years of waiting, finally Inter FC have won again the champions league cup.
Milan is really roaring this evening while i am writing this.
Congratulations Inter FC!

this is the shirt my hub bought for me. it’s for the champions league finals. we can’t fly to madrid, spain for the finals,so a souvenir shirt will do.
my hub, beside my mom-in-law and friends, celebrating the Italian League championship at piazza duomo di milano, last May 16. it’s the 18th time italian league championship of inter fc.
my hub in all white inter fc sweat shirt. posing behind a poster of inter player Sneijder.
my two kids wearing inter fc uniforms during champions league game this evening. will i have some soccer players one day?

batis ng aramin

summer time: my family went for a swim at one of the best resorts in our hometown, batis ng aramin. it’s a cool spring resort. me, my mom and my brother jun missed this fun.

cj, my brothers tato and ron
cj, with cousins fae and jeanne

posing infront of the kingkong statue
swimming time

my nephew, igi and niece, aya with my sister kai
cousins say cheeseeeee!

i’ve been truly missing the fun back there.
i will be back @ BATIS NG ARAMIN when i go home.

film shooting

my hometown lucban is not only famous for pahiyas festival, but for its beautiful location for film shootings of our local cinema such as: Bagets 2, Misteryo sa Tuwa, Katawan, etc. I personally watched shooting Bagets 2 and Haplos. it was fun giggling at the actors and actresses during my days. in person they look more handsome and beautiful. it’s also fun watching how the shooting goes.
the latest lucban craze was the upcoming movie “I’ll Be There” starring the father and daughter, Gabby and KC Concepcion. the movie is set to be shown on june for father’s day. here are some shots during their filming. i grabbed these from one of my facebook friends who was there while shooting.

actor Gabby Concepcion. he’s still good (and young) looking eventhough late 40’s.

the pahiyas festival setting

actress KC Concepcion as the reina elena
gabby, kc, echo rosales and director maryo de los reyes

KC waving the crowd

here is the full trailer of the upcoming movie: I’ll Be There

an extra feeling

I caught my son CJ on facebook with this status: “Me and Alex S. Sneddon (my friend) were on the set of Star Cinema’s upcoming film “I’ll be There” last night. Yeah. we were extras. There were lots of celebrities, Gabby Concepcion, KC Concepcion, Mickey Ferriols, Jericho Rosales, etc. I was up all night talking to the staff about how they do the works

well, my son enjoy the film shooting, even he was at the crowd as extras. i can’t wait to glimpse him in the film. i hope the camera captured him a bit.

here’s the trailer of the upcoming movie on june 2010.

CJ & cousins

my son and his cousins, Igi and Fae seldom get together because the two lived a little far from our hometown. so, everytime there’s an event or occasion, they always had their reunion fun. last May 15, 2010 the pahiyas festival was held in our town and the digicams had been busy!

Igi (11 years old), his sis Fae (16 years old) and CJ (15 years old). my nephwew igi is growing tall fast!
cousins, CJ, Igi, Fae carrying Aya (my sis Kai’s daughter)
CJ and Mami Maan (my sis-in-law) took care of Cj when he was a baby ’til 3 years old.
in front of our house
the handsome cousins =)
the guitarist and the singer
i am just smiling over here on their fotos…

four years to wait

this is our house back home.

every year, the pahiyas festival in my hometown, lucban, quezon has different route. for 2010, it’s our street’s turn again after four years.

my sis-in-law bheng and my brother ron at the gates
up at the balcony, from L-R, my son CJ, my brother Tato, my nephew Igi and a guest
night shot. my sister made some “fake kipings” (made of scraps and spray paints). no one notices the difference when some were mixed with the real kipings.
one of the arangyas (kiping chandeliers)

i truly missed this event…

no room for pet peeves

maybe kids are really kids. for them, there’s no room for annoyance. even if you take them to the park, almost everyday, they do the same thing or play the same stuffs, kids will just enjoy!
my daughter always act like she has never been to this park.
if i were to count how many times she took the swing, i bet she had 100 times now.

usuallly, she doesn’t like this duck. at least she tried.
she enjoys the circle ride. she never gets dizzy. i wonder…
i hope she’ll learn how to ride the swing =)…
“mamma!!!…put me into this thing!”
this is our video…happy watching!