if all mornings will be like this…

i wake up at around 6:30 am and headed towards the bathroom. my daughter was already awaken when i get back. she’s in a very cheerful mood. i grabbed our Nikon D60 and found myself clicking and clicking.
what a beautiful morning!
a new day has just began…

i won’t make it

if ATM machines were like this, i wouldn’t be able to make that withdrawal.
if it’s as simple as: 2x+ 5x = ___ i might have a zero balance. =)


brother & sister (my brother Junjun’s kids)

i had fun watching my niece and nephew. these fotos were taken by themselves.
both love photography at very young ages.

my niece Fae (16 yrs old).
i love this pose…feels like dancing…o yeah!
my nephew (Fae’s little brother) Luigi, directing/capturing himself in front of the mirror.
nice shot…and he’s only 11 years old!

intermission blog

i’ve been busy lately. even i got plenty of blog drafts, i still can’t published them, for they’re not yet edited or ready to be read. enumerated one/two-word stuffs are quite boring, right?
bear with me.
i’ll post them when my hands are free to pound my pc keyboards.
oh, and by the way, i love butterflies. hence, the picture above.
and if you’ll notice: the profile pix and the background–all butterflies roaming around =)