TGIF #14: something on facebook

what’s new on facebook?
the facebook stories application is something interesting. it allows the users to share their stories in which facebook has been a part of it.
as one of the 500 million users of FB, personally, facebook helped me out in reconnecting with my friends, 30-20 years back. amazing how one can be at the other side of the world, talking to the other side, just like old times! facebook is not only fun, but it also helps a lot of people.
i grabbed 5 stories from Facebook stories randomly. here are they:

Facebook has allowed me the abilty to find some long lost friends and get back in contact with some of my children. There is much more to do, many more people to contact again, but the search is on……. GOD willing!!!

2. Ric N, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Today, I woke to discover my car had been broken into. This sorry event had coincided with my 35th birthday. Faced with an unexpected day off, sitting waiting for the police to arrive, I figured I’d personally respond to everybody who had the good grace to wish me Happy Birthday. 38 peeps have expressed best wishes and I’ve been well entertained by them all. The time has flown by. Thanks!

3. Kelsey L

Facebook helped reunite my family after over 14 years of no contact with my brother and sister. I first heard that another one of my sisters found my brother on facebook, then my brother found my other sister who he also had not had any contact with. One of the most memerable and happiest moments of my life would not have been possible without facebook.

4. Tim R

whilst riding in an elevator it broke down, no bother i thought and contacted the emergency line and an engineer was on his way,a few moments later the fire alarm sounded in the building, the elevator electrics had caught fire! the emergency line now didn’t work no-one in the building knew i was in the elevator,luckily my MOTO BLUR phone had enough signal to update my status and get rescued thanks facebook.

5. Liz B, Croydon, N/A

My daughter died in a car crash 2 years ago. The day after she died a school friend of hers set up a dedication page in her memory. It helped us in our grief and it was nice to be able to look at all the comments, memories & photos that her friends posted. It showed us what a great person she was and we saw what she was like with her friends. We even found out things about her personality that we didn’t know before.

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