we were all excited about the new vending machine installed in my place of work.
we can actually use now our badge card to buy something. we bid goodbye to our old vending machine key.
first day: D*mned! practically ate .60euro cents from my card!
i ordered for 2 mineral waters.
didn’t get any.

2nd day: see? a santal pineapple juice was stucked already!

3rd day: still not working

the other machine works though (only for that day)

fresh orange juice anyone? costs 1.80 euro. what?!

2nd week: i found a note posted at the machine

it says: “it’s disgusting! change this… also the other one!”

the other machine is out of service too.

end of the week: another note that says: 9.50euro was stolen by the machine. this machine never really function at all!
i’m looking forward next week. i’m having fun capturing the employees’ notes!
should i post: “crap!”

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