Trying Things


I’m 40 and will be 41 this April, 2012.
Now, i believe life really “begins” at 40.
I tend to try things i never tried when i was younger.

It’s fun!

UP Fair 2012

My son had a bit of “escape” to watch the concert at the Fair @ UP Diliman, QC, Phil.
Obviously he had some fun and joined some friends.
Below is one of his shots and i grabbed his caption too.

One of the shots from the UP Fair; getting in line as the gates open.

There’s something about events like these when I bring a camera but rarely take pictures at all, especially at concerts. Because often times, no matter how great your gadget could capture the moment; like the time before cameras weren’t as easily accessible as today..

..the thought of the moment brings the euphoria better than any other tangible device.

-Carlo James

Techie Valentine

I have been celebrating Valentine’s Day with the man i love for almost 15 years.
He will be forever my Valentine.

Some give flowers and chocolates for Valentine.
Yesterday, my husband gave both, with matching digital frame and external hard disc (for my infinite photos, hahaha)
I love this hi-tech world! =)
Love You Babes!

105 Things You Might Not Know About Me

It’s snowing outside and i’m stucked here with my little girl, trying to memorize all her cartoon dvd’s, so before my sanity takes me, i might as well write something. Just to unbore myself, while watching my daughter sing and dance.
To break the rule of “101”, i’ll write 105 random things about me.
The random photos don’t have anything to do with all of what i say.
If you got bored, go to N. 75 =) Hey, not now. No cheating. Tell me you didn’t look. hahaha!

1. Taurus. That’s my zodiac sign. I’m not a horoscope fan though.
2. You’ll wonder why i don’t write here anything….i’m still thinking okey. =)
3. My official name is spelled “Cristina”, but since i learn how to write, i always use “Kristina”, so it became my official name now, with affidavits attached to my documents, of course.
4. My “official” nickname is TEENA. But, friends call me a lot of names: Cristine, Kris, Kri, Tina, to name a few. Childhood friends fondly call me “Matu”.
5. White is the least color that i like (for clothes). Green is my favorite color in general (all shades of it)
6. I knew i would marry Tom Cruise or Raoul Bova (italian actor) if ever i meet them. I don’t think they knew that. 😀
7. Anyway, i am married to a wonderful man. Mission: possible! I lost count how many times he says “i love you” each day. Love you always Babes!
8. I have a 17 year old son, biologically, not with my husband. Who cares. In all respects, my husband loves him so much as his own.
9. I got another 10 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. “only daughter”, i need to put emphasis on that. It means 3 kids and 3 CS operation is enough. Why would i torture myself again? =)
10. I’m officially married (by the judge) for 11 years now. I was wondering when we reach 25 years we’ll have our church wedding. Hmm? Bucket list? =)
11. When i was young, mom & dad used to say i used to climb up the table & sing, then love posing in front of the camera. I have to admit, my daughter got it from me. She’s a little model here in Italy! Ok, fine, she’s cuter than me, hahaha.
12. I love drawing, sketching and making scrapbooks. Thanks to Facebook, i do these things less now. (sigh)
13. I love the name Alessandra. I could have named my daughter this. Too long. Improvised to Zendra, more unique.
14. I don’t have enough sleep, always 5-6 hours sounds a “complete” one.
15. I don’t drink coffee.
16. I love ice cream. Panna, Crema or Fior di Latte.
17. I have 992 friends at Facebook! (That many?)
18. I love reading books: thriller, motivational, romance and commedy
19. I finished Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I’m so interested in human minds. Don’t freak out, i can’t read minds…i read moves. =)
20. I hate messy. Never ever get anything from my things and never putting it back in its place. Ever saw a human volcano errupting? =)

21. My fave nursery rhyme, until now. “twinkle, twinkle little star.”
22. I play chess. To those who doesn’t heard of it. I’m a chess player during high school. Owss? Never a champion! hahaha! I’m not Garry Kasparov.
23. I can’t swim! That’s where i got the “fear of travelling by boats”.
24. I can speak 3 languages perfectly: Tagalog, English, Italian. I can understand 2 more languages: Ilonggo & Spanish.
25. Did i say i can type 60 wpm (words per minute) with the old typewriter machine?
26. I prefer a margarita drink than champagne.
27. I love scrabble. During college, we “gamble” with it. Loser buys foods!
28. I’m still a Hello Kitty fan.
29. I don’t use anything in washing my face. Should i be alarmed now that i am 40?
30. I used to wear eyeglasses when i was 7-8 years old. I’m farsighted.
31. I love sniffing/smelling a fresh painted wall.
32. Earl Klugh’s “A Natural Thing” always relax me.
33. I would prefer the boardgame “Cluedo” over “Monopoly”.
34. I love my friends — all of them.
35. I got more than 500 cd and dvd collection.
36. Among crime investigation series, Criminal Minds is my favorite.
37. Digital world won’t take me away my old Canon EOS film camera.
38. I hate envious people. I don’t have time for their s**ts.
39. I love ironing clothes than cleaning the house.
40. I love writing. Hence, i’m blogging too much.
41. I can eat 50 fishballs in one sitting!
42. I have never tried playing tennis and bowling. Am i that boring?
43. One of my first books “Living, Loving & Learning”, by Leo Buscaglia.
44. I love bracelet accessories more than anything.
45. Most expensive gifts my hub gave me: a set of earrings, ring & necklace with bits of diamond, and a 24 carat gold wristwatch.
46. Most expensive gift i bought? My hub’s Sector diver’s watch.
47. I like Julia Roberts.
48. I feel guilty when typing and having some grammatical and spelling errors unintentionally.
49. I am 4’10” tall. In my italian documents, 150cm. It will not tally if you convert it. Don’t tell i “cheat” an inch here.
50. I love listening to people. You tend to learn something from them (genius or not).
51. I can bake cake. I’m just lazy.
52. Some tour on my bucket list: Disneyland Paris, New York, USA, Australia.
53. Fave song: “Love of My Life”, Jim Brickman
54. Funny quote: Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your kids.
55. Broken-hearted: I eat a lot & cut my hair so short!
56. I hate boring people, talking non-sense. I would rather watch cartoons on tv.
57. I’m proud to be one of the “finalists” in a thesis writing contest during college. Title of our Thesis: Self-Concept of the Dentistry Students of CEU. (The subjects might have hated us, hahaha)
58. Serendipity movie. Seen it 20 times or more.
59. Take a ride in hot air balloon. No thanks.
60. I don’t like beach water. I just like watching the view.
61. Mission Impossible: staying asleep after 8am.
62. I don’t memorize my own cellphone number.
63. Cheated once in an exam during first year high school. I copied from my seat mate the wrong answers. D@mn!
64. I hate division in math.
65. I love ketchup mixed with mayonnaise for french fries.
66. I’m a people pleaser. Ironically, we can’t.
67. I love cooking hotcakes. My kids love it.
68. I don’t complain so much. I just keep it to myself.
69. My husband has more shoes than me.
70. Half of my drawer are colored black underwears.
71. I can’t wear lacy undies, i’m allergic.
72. I have been hospitalized 4 times in my 40 years of life: jaundice when i was young, and 3 times caesarian operation giving birth to my kids.
73. I literally had 13 dextrose bottles during my first pregnancy.
74. I hate my thick, curly, natural hair.
75. Bored? Can you speak this 3 times perfectly without stopping : “kris seeks, kicks, clicks, speaks, kris, flicks”….. 😀
76. I love iced tea: green, lemon, peach, vanilla.
77. I ate a serpent meat once, without knowing it.
78. I have never seen yet the movie Iron Man 1 and 2.
79. I was baptized in catholic church when i was 13.
80. I am not born as a catholic. (Iglesia ni Cristo)
81. I like Natalie Portman. She’s beauty and brains!
82. I love Issey Miyake perfume, as well as Beautiful.
83. Marshmallows! I won’t ran out of stock!
84. I’m not a “touch-techie” person. I can’t use Ipad perfectly when typing. =)
85. “Oh Captain, my Captain.” I can’t believe i still memorize this poem ever since high school.
86. “George”. That’s the name of my crush when i was in first year high school in Maryhill Academy. He’s fourth year then. Last time i knew about him, he’s a professional photographer now.
87. I was once courted by a lesbian. She’s cool. But i guess friendship is the only thing i can offer. A female is for male: my rules.
88. I forged once my dad’s signature in high school, for my absence.
89. I love NikNok of Funny comics. too bad it’s gone now.
90. I used to sketch/draw/make bookmarks during college and sell them.
91. I make extra money in college by making motivational posters, doing some research and typing term papers/thesis.
92. I have been to a precinct once. Not inside, but my ex-boyfriend! I’m cursing silently, “what am i doing here?” Reply to myself, “break-up with him.”
93. I have a dvd of Beastly, Dear John and Source Code, but i haven’t watched it. Saving it for the “no-other-dvd-to-watch.” days.
94. I have seen Armageddon film for 10 times. Was that normal? 😀
95. My hub said i snore a bit now when tired. I said no. Until he recorded it. Yaiks!
96. When i was a child, my greatest pleasure is to buy a Chippy barbeque chips snack. 0.25cents (pesos). It feels like Christmas if i buy one.
97. Now it feels Christmas when i buy Goldilocks butter cookies (polvuron). It costs too much in euros.
98. I only ride the Calesa once in Divisoria (Manila).
99. Manila Zoo. What? Where? Dish me up, but i haven’t been there.
100. I have three brothers and 1 sister. I got 1 half-brother (before dad get married), and 1 half-sister (during marriage).I don’t blame anyone. My older half-brother, i never met. My half-sister, we have a good relationship.
101. I hate being nervous, my hands sweat.
102. My biggest dream: a house with a wardrobe and entertainment area (cinema/videoke/billiards) and a pool.
103. My biggest frustration: to be an artist or to be a psychiatrist.
104. I can’t drive a car. I’m too nervous to handle it.
105. My brain’s squeezed as of now. Now where’s my fave chocolate Snickers? =)
THANKS for reading or glancing!