March Ends

i have been busy lately and honestly i got hundred blog drafts to finish. From my kids’ blog to mine, i don’t know how i’m gonna do it, but sure i will. I owe it to myself and i need to trust my brain to recall things. I miss taking notes lately. Uffff…i will leave this month of March with too many things to write, and friends’ blog to read.

aside from errands, appointments and all, i’m busier with my family. my 2012 started with a more promising family bondings and activities. hub works so much, i work too, and with the growing kids, they need us more during weekends. we make sure Sunday should be for me and hub, and for kids, going somewhere. last year, most of the time, we just laze around the house during weekends, so i guess, we need to enjoy more of life going out, as long as the nice weather permits.

My April will be more fun-filled for sure!

Ooops, before he tells me “you forgot to mention me Mamma”…

Thanks to my 10-year old son, Jaki for capturing these fotos. (sweet)

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