Shoot & Eat!

Hub’s home made empanada. Yummy!

Complete Tutu’ with Velvet Shawl by
Shoes: Eleganz

Blouse: Osh Kosh Kids
Skirt: Chicco
Leggings: OVS Kids
Shoes: Mimi
Accessory: Accessorize

Accessory: Terranova
Dress:  SM
Shoes: Zara Kids

Blouse & Socks: H&M
Short & Shoes: Zara Kids
Complete Clothes by H&M
Shoes by Z Generation

I have been busy today: feeling like a fotographer. wink wink.
Of course i’m not that good in photography, but i love taking fotos. Yesterday night i got a message from my daughter’s modelling agency to have a time to take fotos of Zendra at home this weekend. They will need 3 or 4 fotos by Monday. This is for an important casting for a catalogue (top secret for now). The client wants to see normally photos at home, not the ones from the studio taken by professional photographers. No effect, no make ups, no anything on the head, no editing at all. So here i was, trying to mix and match clothes for my little girl. Some stuffs are new and some are old ones (which she still haven’t worn). I’m not a perfect fashionista, so i rely on kid’s catalogues. the last H&M outfit is almost exactly what the girl wears in their winter catalogue.

Aside from the text message, i got another email, asking me again some latest fotos, for an important casting for a kid’s fashion show. They already stated when and where and for what brand Zendra might be modelling. It’s not in Milan and it’s a week day sometime in November, for winter collection. If i send fotos, and they will confirm Zendra, will i go to the event? will my boss give me a two-day vacation again? This would be the first fashion show for Zendra. Gosh! Would love to see her walking that fashion ramp stage. Scary too, for i don’t know if she’ll be ok about it. With those loud music and people around, i hope she doesn’t get shy or further more, cry. Aw! Although she always utter to me, “Mamma, voglio fare la sfilata” (Ma, i like to be in a fashion show”), i still have to cross all my fingers. I really need to think about it.

Last but not the least, these fotos also serve as “dress rehearsal” for her upcoming fotoshoot on location. It’s a special project. Hang in there for further notice. =)

And while we’re busy changing clothes and posing, a breaktime is truly needed. thanks to my hub for making an effort to cook empanada for us (foto up). So yummy! Of course, it’s one of my favorite pinoy pastries. He knows how to cook a lot of stuffs unlike me. Hub’s the real cook in the family. I’m a certified eater only! =)

TGIF #38: Something To Run

It’s another Friday once again. Thank God It’s Five-Day!
Time is more precious today, i’m gonna run for it.
1. Zendra’s school is close for today. What else, strike of personnel (again). They already had a strike last Wednesday. Immagine the damage for the working moms like me. Hub’s gonna bring Zen to my friend’s house before he goes to work at 9am.
2. Jaki’s school will open at 10am (because of strike), instead of the regular 8am. I have a 10am work, so i’ll go with Jaki to school earlier, around 9:30am.
3. After my work at 1pm, i’ll fetch Zendra at my friend’s house who’s kind enough to babysit for my girl. During urgent times, i’m glad she’s always available. 
4. After fetching Zendra, i have to fetch again Jaki from school by 2pm.
5. Prepare lunch for the two kids, hang laundry…then off to work again at 4pm.
Run, run, run….!


Don’t you just love autumn? the color of the leaves: from green, to orange and yellow. it’s an awe-inspiring sight! What else can i say? Sure, i won’t miss a thing of autumn. Let me just share some fotos here. I’m wordless for now.


i can just sit here, smell the leaves and enjoy the sight

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. 
– Albert Camus

Spend Precious Moments

Kids are growing up!
Looking at the foto: left one was taken last 2006 during our Philippine vacation. I still have 2 sons, then. At the right foto, my little girl, Zendra was added to the clan. The year was 2011. The other kids with them were my nephew and nieces from my brother and sister. See how the kids grow up so fast. My niece, Fae had just turned 18, my son, CJ turned 17, Luis turned 14, Raya is turning 7, Jaki is turning 11, both this year. And Zendra is turning 4 next year. Whew, another 6 years and almost all of them are so grown enough to drive, except the youngest 2 girls. And one day, 1 or 2 will marry..(oops, i want to discard that thought for now) Ayoko pang maging lola! =)

So, am i that getting old? Wait. How do i rephrase that word?
Hmmm? Is time really that fast? Yeah, i bet.
Life gets more and more fast paced, and we really can’t hold back the time anymore. Sometimes we need to take things slow a bit and enjoy every second of our kid’s time, for one day, they will have their own lives and destinations.

To spend more time with kids, we need to really take seriously to “be with the kids”. Turn off the tv, the video games and computers. Ok, one thing is sure when all of the above were turned off. Turn on the radio and we’ll sing and dance to Adele’s and Bryan Adams’ tunes. The two artists were the “family’s fave”.

Go out in the park. When i really have time and the weather is nice, i bring the kids in the park near our home. Of course, picture taking is a must. I need to capture moments.

Me, my son and my daughter have one thing in common: we love drawing. I got 3 boxes of color pencils and color pens. That’s why i have stocks of  bond papers. My little girl knew where i hide them, so during her “cutting-paper” mood, expect paper floods on the floor.

Play is one of the amazing things to connect with the kids. Have fun. Never worry if you’ll look like a silly mom, or dad. Great bonds comes from playtime and giggles and laughter with the kids.
Zendra loves the “aiplane game”. Yeah, i used to put her on my knees and lift her up, like she’s flying. Gosh…i’m afraid my knees will crack now. hahaha. She’s getting heavy.
Zendra loves disney scrabble. There’s a guide word on the board and all she needs to do is copy the letters. She’s good! While my son, Jaki loves the snakes and ladders. We also do that game that i, myself used to play during my childhood. “Sim, sam, sim sam…give the name of”…then i will give a certain subject or topic, and they will give the different kinds/names relating to what i said. It’s informative and fun.

Yes, they’re still small or young, but try to watch them. Sure they can do some things for themselves. Let them be. My son, who’s 10 years old still never perfected how to bunny-tie his shoes. He always have a hard time tying his shoes. Patience is a virtue. In time he’ll perfect that without my help. Zendra can dress herself and put her shoes on (yet sometimes the left shoe is worn in her right foot, and vice versa) I let her realize she put it wrong. I really smile when i saw her face light up everytime she close her clothes with the buttons. “Ho fatto io mamma” (I did it mamma). “Brava!” (i always acknowledge her). Amazing feeling it is.

Spend wisely and lively all the moments with your kid/s. Treat every seconds of your time with them like gold!

Ooops. Here we are, when we were young!
(almost 20 years ago)
my brother Junjun, Me, Ronron
Karen & Tonton
— we’re not that old. seems just yesterday =)

"I’m 10"

From Jaki’s school gate, you just turn right and then straight ahead going home. Easy as it may seems, but it’s not simple as that. Italian rules say, any child younger than 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult. In elevators, any child 0-12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Even if “he can do it alone, or he can go home alone”, it is not exempted from the law, especially when something happened to a child.

Jaki always plead he can go home alone. “Mamma, i’m 10, i can do it.” I always say, “yes, of course, you can do it. I’m just concern about your safety”. And yet he continues to have that smirk on his face. I just have to sigh. I don’t have to say to him that i was 6 years old when i start going to school alone. But, that’s another story.

No Pain, No Gain

during my high school days, i’m the tiny, skinny one. everytime i see my old fotos i just laugh. it seems i’m not eating anything!
my first pregnancy didn’t make me fat. i was weighing 42 kilos then, then after a year, i was weighing 38 kilos. then, came my second son, i was weighing 48 kilos! after a year, i was weighing 50 kilos! oh my! i was too lazy to exercise and too busy eating! hahaha.then, came my third baby, my only daughter. i was weighing (for the love of god!) — 52 kilos! my waistline was 31 inches. it sure is not a good sight. I am only 4″10″ in height. more kilos and i can be compared to a barrel. =)
after birth the weighing scale keeps on telling 52 or 53 kilos. diet is not in my vocabulary. when we had our philippine vacation 2 months ago and heard stories of many of my known friends died so early.
the usual killer: heart attack! (high blood pressure)
that is so dreadful. my family have a heart condition history. my mom’s mother, my aunt, my cousins, etc. : all dead. so even eating native foods back home is a luxury, i give some limits to them.
i certainly didn’t gain weight during my stay back in the philippines. (buti naman)
after a week that we came back here in Milan, i decided to really watch out about my health. i’m 40! i’m not getting any younger. Diet is a struggle, but i hope i could start by getting fit. 
September 2011: current status: 53 kilos, waistline 30inches

friends who saw me for the last 3 months is asking: “Uy, payat mo na ah, ano’ng ginawa mo?” 
 I started jogging by september 2011 during weekdays (except when it rains). I used to have 15-20 minutes in the park jogging and sweating. I’m not really thinking of being instantly slim. My real goal is to stay fit first. i’m not jogging now anymore. Kids go to school earlier and i have work now in the morning, and of course it’s getting so cold and dimmer in the park. ayoko na nga, baka ma rape pa ako dun, hehehe.
Honestly, i’m not obsessed of what is bad or good to eat. Even the greasiest food can still fit into a diet, as long as it’s properly moderated. Eating hamburgers and french fries with mayonaise once or twice a month is not that bad. If i avoided what i want to eat, i will just crave for them more. Ang sarap kumain ha.
The truth is, we have no weighing scale in the house. So, i just calculate how much i weigh. Once month, i just test-weigh where i work. Mas nakaka conscious if everyday kang mag titimbang di ba?

my father use to say, “eat like a queen during breakfast”, so from childhood until now, i’m used to eating heavy breakfast: that means rice is a just, otherwisenginig na ako ng 10am pag di ako kumain. i still eat heavy in the morning because it’s the start of the day, need to work, run to school for the kids, cook dinner. i can survive without eating lunch, until 2 or 3pm. some crackers for snack or kahit ano lang “tsitsirya” oks na. by dinner, i only eat bread with ulam. no-rice policy at night. 
When you find you’re slipping back from the diet mentality, keep yourself busy. watch tv, film, listen to music, write something. I just write blogs and never noticing i’ve been writing for hours and not eating anything. Calling friends or being with them is another one. Laughing burns calories as well. that’s true!
By this means i eat everything i want, even abundantly. 2 days is not a big deal to stuff myself with baci or snickers chocolates or eat rice 3 times/day. it’s my policy: don’t super suffer yourself!
September 2012: current status: 45 kilos, waistline 26inches
I’ll maintain some chubs though. Oks na yan. Thanks for the compliments, fans! =)

TGIF #37: Something to Sigh About

Hi there folks, it’s another friday again. Much as i want to say everything’s ok, i can’t help but sigh today.
1.   My son will go to school for the first time alone. I can’t come with him, nor my hub. It’s been 7 years that he’s been accompanied by us going to school. “Ma, i can go to school by myself, i’m big now”. He always utter to me since he started his first week in middle school. The school anyway is just around 200 meters from home, just a walking distance, straight ahead. Hope he’ll be fine. 
2.  Some of the books needed in school by my son isn’t available yet. He’s been sighing this morning, because he need one for home study. What can i do? Not all books can be bought right away. We need to order it first. 
3.  Bills, bills, bills. Who would be happy with this endless bills? IMU (Another tax added by the italian government to home owners), was announced late May of this year. We didn’t know that the first rate was last June. So we paid too some fines. Apartment tax is due, as well as electric bills. Arrggh!

4.  My eldest son back home is having some hard time in school. Geez, i always regret not being beside him. All i can do is chat with him, leave some messages, or call.
5.  My little girl, Zendra is sick today. Yesterday she vomitted. Probably because of colds and cough. The sudden change of the weather isn’t helping. She got a fever and i hope she gets well soon.
So, there i am, completely SIGHING!!! =(

College Life

my son CJ, sitting @ left,  with his classmates

He doesn’t wear eyeglasses. I’m sure he just borrowed it.¬†

What they are up to?

Caught with the spoon!

It’s always nice to look back and think of my college days. How time flies, i’m sittin’ here and looking now at my son’s college fotos. He’s a Communication Arts freshman student at Colegio de San Juan de Letran of Manila. Study hard, son!

I’m Not Active (Temporarily)

It’s has been days that i disactivated my facebook account. I need this for a “breather”. Yeah, i know, facebook has been a part of my everyday life and whether i admit it or not, it steals a lot of my time. It’s a real temptation to sit, not just 1 or 2 hours in front of the pc (just for facebook). Unconsciously, i find myself sitting for 3 hours or more, and never finished other things i need to do. So, i guess a lot of my friends are “missing me”, or “in panic” for they don’t know why they can’t find my fb profile. Only a few persons knew i’m not active. I told myself i need a 3-4 day fb break, but i guess, i’m still enjoying the out-of-fb-world. So, i might as well be invisible for a long time. A lot of my friends on the list will not notice my absence, i guess.

Although my account is disactivated i always find a way not to miss some things on the virtual world. My twitter account is active of course, which from time to time, i post something. My email obviously is the busiest one for now.

Things i focused more during my FB absence:

Blogging. Yeah i finally can write 1 or 2 articles in one sitting now. When i started using the computer and internet, my very first social network is friendster, then i have been a prolific Yahoo360 Beta blogger. So much fun those days.
I may give up my social network accounts, but not my blogger site.

Laundry & Ironing. I had more time to finish washing clothes, curtains and carpets! The ironing bin is almost empty!

Play with the kids more.

Watch TV! Gosh, i don’t exactly knew now my fave tv program’s schedules. At least i can watch some now.

Sleep early. I’m a night owl. I signed off in facebook almost midnight or 1 o’clock in the morning. Without facebook now, i signed off at 11pm.

So, i guess if i activate my facebook account again, i might as well really put “restrictions” to myself. I guess i’ll finish a lot of things outside the virtual world, and that would be the best part. =)

F Girls In Italy

F: Friendship

Dewie and i have been friends, all because of my childhood friend Ted, who became Dew’s husband. We’ve been friends virtually on friendster, now a dead social network, and, luckily, we continued over facebook. I may have long known her husband since childhood (obviously our house back home is adjacent to theirs), but Dew and i happened to talk much thru facebook. Getting the feel of “old time friends”. We both love writing and blogging. We already shared a lot, personal and mom stuffs.

F: First Sight

When she told me, they will be touring Europe, i was ecstatic. At last i will be able to see her. I really love the way she dress. Swak na swak, with accessories and all. Oozing with confidence. Medyo kulang ako nun, magpapahawa ako =). Meeting her for the first time at the central station, my first word was “oooh..geez, hi”…tipong lost for words. It’s her! The slim & smart girl with a million dollar smile, that i always see & have in mind.

I’m sure we’re discussing what to wear next =)
F: Frisky
Virtually, i like her na. In person, i like her more. Hindi maarte, masarap ka-chika. No need for ice breaker. The only one we need is a brake. Ala na’ng preno sa chikas kasi. =) Energy talaga!

F GIRLS!If you click this word, you will know what it means for us.
The question is, what did the F Girls do in Italy? 16GB SD memory card of digital slr cameras won’t be enough. I can’t find exact words to describe how we both enjoyed each other’s company and how we’ve been fab in our european styled-everyday attire. 9 days of hopping from cities to cities, savoring italian and filipino foods, the budget may be too high, but in the end, we can’t tag a price how much satisfied we were.
Grand Canal (Canal Grande) in Venice won’t ever be the same again without us =)

Joining the Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out in Milan

Inside St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

Salute to the heroes of the war @ Vittorio Emanuele II Monument (Rome)

Hot mama’s at funicular railway in Como

It’s called Standing-by with Style @ Galleria di Vittorio Emanuele in Milan

F: Future
I hope it’s not the first and last time we’ll be together. Maybe soon i will be gallivanting over the streets of Singapore where she resides. Who knows? Or in the future, we might see ourselves in other european countries. (ipon ng madugong budget!) Anyway, our friendship has been enriched by this tour.
Arco della Pace, Milan
More stories to tell and photos to share!
Stay tuned.
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