TGIF #41: Something of My Fave Shots: People Close to Me

I am not a photographer. But i love taking photos for memoirs.
I am just using a Nikon D60, and i’m not technically good taking great fotos.
Again, i just love photos: looking, capturing and staring at them.
Here are five of my fave shots i’ve made, as of now.
 They’re not for national geographic, i know, but it’s captured from the heart.
No particular ranking!
1. My daughter, Zendra picking up flowers last August 2012 at Parco Schiebler near our home. (Milan, Italy)
Obviously she’s my favorite subject.

2.  My friend, Dewie, who visited Italy last September 2012. This is taken near the Duomo Cathedral. (Milan, Italy)
I love the blue sky and the clouds. Lovely model too.
Take a peek on her blogs. you’ll love them, promise.

3.  My lovely mom. Taken last August, 2012 at Lago di Mandello del Lario, Lecco, Italy.
I got the “love fotos” habit from her, obviously.

4.  Zendra and her best friend, Maxim, taken at Parco Ca’ Granda, Milan, Italy.
It’s just like “girls whispering secrets”.. and giggling over it. so cute.

5.  My loving husband with my daughter, taken at Einsiendeln, Switzerland last July, 2012.
 Overlooking is the grandiose Benedictine Monastery.

TGIF #40: Something of Instagram

I’m not always using Instagram regularly. Only, if i’m just in the mood to share instantly whatever comes into my mind. My cellphone has no internet connection. I’m too lazy to roam around the sites on a small scale (or my needing-glasses-eyes can’t stand it?) Any reasons at all, i just use Instagram from my hub’s Ipad. 
For today’s five-day, let me jsut share you five of the instagram fotos i have, and some quiz on it. =)

Question: sunrise or sunset?

if you’re keen about the shadows they’re longer. and technically,
both sunrise and sunset have the same effect.
so,  i guess i will have to tell you the real answer: SUNSET!
this was taken at Piazza Duomo, in Milan, Italy
by my friend Jona

Question: I’m sitting on a grass or carpet?

Now you’re so staring at where i sat here. hahaha!
keep on guessing….

Answer: fake grass, rubber carpet in the park.
this is taken at Park Ca’ Granda, Milan, Italy
by my friend, Winnie

Question: Stolen or Not Stolen Shot?

Just sitting here, waiting for someone….
Don’t you know that i’m actually sitting in front on an old church, turned into a hotel/restaurant?
Yeah, that’s right. This is taken by my husband at De Iisfugel, MakkumThe Netherlands.

Answer: It’s the drama, pretending to be a stolen shot. =)
See the place and notice the bench where i sat.

Question: What are we doing here in a park?

I’m holding here my daughter Zendra and looking at us is my photographer friend,
Valentina Mantovani.
The place is called Parco delle Mura, in Verona, Italy
Answer: We actually came here from Milan, for a fotoshoot and a tour of Verona.
this stolen shot is taken by my friend Jona.

Question: What day is this taken?

It’s a sunny day last summer. Shorts and skirt jeans are comfortable for a walk.
Answer: I’m a working mom. so obviously, this is taken on a weekend.
More time to stroll around with the kids.
This was taken at piazza cordusio, milan, italy
by my son, Jaki (10 years old)


Two Boxes

Movie Title
Zendra, as the owner
 Me, as the “Architect”
transparent packaging tape
adhesive wall paper
colored ribbons
paper flowers/beads

Special Participation:

The two boxes were supposed to serve as a box for unused stuffs to be put down on our basement.
Zendra keeps on pointing out the toy house on tv commercial.
“Mamma, i want one like that. can you please buy me.”
Of course, the toy house is weigh too expensive.
To cut the long story short,
the mom became the architect and found herself cutting the boxes 
and forming it into a “house”, 
with a space good enough for the “owner”, Zendra.

Moral Lesson:
Box isn’t just a box. It’s how much you can do to a box.
If you’ll do something cheap, be creative! =)

Since the house isn’t completely finished for lack of materials,
hang on for the “Two Boxes: Part 2.” =)
Happy Viewing!