Missing In Action

This is my calendar on my Side K blog. Uffi! I’ve been missing to write the past weeks.
Justification: (busy from normal work excluded)
1. I’m a busy stage mom. Zendra had been busy with the Armani Junior S/S 2013 commercial shooting and i’m busy searching and hunting bookstores/magazine-news stands where Zendra appears.
2. I have no more wi-fi connection. (d@mn!) I reactivated my old wind internet connection. I need internet for work as well.
3. I’m busy meeting with clients for my new “business venture”.
Promise to get back on track!




i went to bed yester night almost 1am preparing for Zendra’s simple birthday celebration. of course, i will not hide my creativity. she wants her name, her garden, flowers, chocolates, fotos, etc. i’m giving the best that i can! i guess i’m more excited than her. =)


i printed some bookmarks as giveaways for her teachers, my bosses as well, and good friends.


E, for effort. My son, Jaki is laughing at me, doing this alluminium wire name and flowers with my bare hands, to make a sort of 3D look.

Never done this in my entire life. Don’t rate it. hahaha.


These give aways  will be for Zendra’s classmates,  to be given on her very birthday, January 9. Zendra’s the one who put all these chocolates in this pink bag.

She wants a KitKat chocolate theme cake.
I’m up at 5am figuring how would i do that.

Wish me luck!