New Store Opening

New Store Opening

Look who were on their invitation! My daughter Zendra. Yeah! Pity i can’t go personally in Bari. Way too far from Milan.

Click the photo to see the whole Spring/Summer 2013 Armani Junior Collection. Thanks! ❤


TGIF # 52: Something of Nothing on Valentine’s Day

Thank God It’s FIVE-Day!
1.  No celebration
Yes, it’s a working day last February 14, so me and hub have no time or chance to celebrate.
We don’t really “date” on Valentine’s Day.We’re more used of an “unexpected or unplanned” date.
Tipong, “tara, labas tayo…”

2. No flowers
Hub’s not the type who give flowers. I don’t mind. I’m not the type who expect flowers during occasions.
3. No special gifts
Always treat everyday as Valentine’s Day. I seldom give or receive gifts on February 14. Hub always surprise me up with sweet thoughts or stuffs.
4. No cards or text messages
Since facebook was invented, real greeting cards becomes a bit obsolete. I’m a card sender, but since i’m a busy woman now, greeting on facebook is easier, faster and cheaper. just a click away. SMS on cell phones are quite expensive too, compared to greeting on facebook or any social network. 
5. No chocolates
For real, i love chocolates. And in the family, chocolates are part of our everyday life, so should i still expect for chocolates on Valentine? 
I didn’t expect a spicy one though! Hub surprised me with this spicy kebab sandwich. Whew! 

Been Busy Lately

i’m not neglecting my blogs, nor forgetting what to write. i just don’t have enough time to really sit down and jot things out. February i guess will be the busiest month for me: as a stage mom for Zen, as a teacher mom for Jaki, as a working mom, and a wife. i need a lot of energy. whew!
Jaki has three more “after school” activities now, aside from his archery class during tuesday afternoon. he got wednesday/friday schedule in the church nearby, and thursday in the social hall. so i’ll be running here and there more to bring/fetch him up before i go to work. Zendra just had a new project yesterday, and she’ll have another pictorial next saturday. she was booked for March and April too. i’m glad for these blessings and chances. I’m into extra business-type work too, so every Sunday or Saturday that i’m not doing anything, i’m spending it with some client meetings/presentation. i’m thankful for a supportive husband who doesn’t complain (yet), but of course, even if i’m too busy with all of these stuffs, i’m doing what i can to be a duly wife. =)
i’ll be popping in and out of the blogging world. if only a day can have 30 hours, i’ll be happy to stay and write everything. see yah!

Carnival 2013

Carnival 2013

I would just describe Milan’s Carnival Festival in 3C’s:

Cold: it’s -3°C and according to weather forecast snow will come next week.
Colorful: obviously, there are lots of fun rides and kids on costumes at the Sforzesco Castle every year.
Crunchy: who will ever miss that yummy and crunchy “frittelle” (flat doughnut). i love it!