No Sometimes Is Good

No Sometimes Is Good

I finally said “NO, WE CAN’T COME”…to Malandrone Moda for their offer to Z to be their model for winter. I know they wanted Z, (i refused them last march for summer ad). but sometimes, it’s best to say No.

Reason N. 1: It’s in Livorno, almost 4 hrs of travel by train

Reason N. 2: The shooting is at 4pm (it’s Z’s nap time, for sure she’ll be moody)

Reason N. 3: There’s no more train going back to Milan after 4pm, it means we need to sleep there, gastos pa sa hotel.

Reason N. 4: No money fee, only clothes. But it’s not important as reasons 1-3. Ayokong mapagod si Z!

Now, tell me, was it a good decision?

2 thoughts on “No Sometimes Is Good

  1. Whoever said, The mark of the wise, is the will to say NO. (I did) 🙂
    You’re the Mom, and we have great intuition, THAT, and aside from weighing the pros and cons, you made a decision. So, let it pass… Opportunities, even bigger will come! 🙂

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