Don’t Look at Z

Don't Look at Z

“Don’t Look at Z, i’m the star here for today!” (hahaha)

Nobody believes me (the ones who don’t really knew me) when i say my age. When i say 42, they start saying, “what? what do you eat? how do you maintain to be looking younger than your age? what’s your secret?” So, whenever italians ask for my age, i just say i’m 30. they don’t ask questions anymore.

i would say i’m not really a fashion freak, until my daughter becomes a model here in Italy.  i’m just a casual type: jeans-t-shirt-sneaker kind of girl. i don’t wear make-up, heels and dress. i’m chubby, i’m tiny, and i’m lazy to really dress up. But now, i’m trying my best to at least look good. I am learning, i am mingling.
Being a mom who always need to accompany Zendra on her shootings, auditions and castings, people will start to look at you too. (because you’re the mom). They compliment Z for being so “cute”, “lovely” and “a doll”, and i expect them to stare at me after. You can’t help it. Z doesn’t look exactly like me. She got her chinita eyes from her dad. I will just take the “charm” from me, hahaha!

Wala nang kokontra. bida muna si mudra!

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