Midnight Rant

I want to rant a bit tonight. 2 weeks ago, my daughter has participated at a fashion show. Last week, they put all the photos in an album. Good to see her catwalk photo. Yesterday night, they decided to put all the photos of the participants for a voting contest on FB. Cool, i told myself. The prizes weren’t millions. Just posters of the said entry photos. Obviously, the organizer didn’t ask, or didn’t announce anything. It was just told that the photos will be voted. The first top three with the most number of votes will win. So, i saw my daughter Zendra’s photo, voted and ask my friends to vote for her. Instinctively, that’s my first reaction. It’s a contest, so i need to campaign, or even make an effort to have scores. I don’t want Z to be scoring zero. Just for fun, i ask friends, they share the foto/link, how to vote and how many times they can actually vote. I discovered that you can actually vote not just everyday, but i guess everytime you log in to your Fb account.

Zendra got 80 votes in just 12 hours! It made her on the Top 1. Cool.
I was just simply contented with that. Later on, the organizer asked me to stop campaigning or asking for votes for Z.
“Because she already won a contest held by the same page, last year”…Make way to others.
Ok, i simply understand that. No questions asked. I said, “no problem, i won’t ask votes anymore.”
I’m cool with that. Giving chances to others.
Obviously, Z was a threat. Z will expectedly win. Not because i got lot of friends, but because even if not my friends, Z always got the highest votes.
Can you blame the people if they vote for her?

So, problem solved. I asked all my friends not to vote anymore for Z.
No hassles, no explanations, whatsoever. I stayed quiet and didn’t check the page anymore.

Not until my friend, (also a Filipina) noticed something. Her son also participated in the fashion show. He is obviously included too in the contest. When i stopped campaigning for Z, the kid starts to get votes, and honestly, i didn’t help him at all. I know my friend will get a lot of votes too. She got a lot of helping hands. And it’s not my business. It just became my business, when she told me, her son’s foto in the contest was gone. GONE? I checked.Yes, His picture was gone, and so as my daughter’s.
Our kids were the only filipinos in the contest. All italian were the rest of the kids.
Was it fair enough? We are both “having higher votes” and they removed the photos without any explanations.
What is that?
For me, personally “it’s ok, because Z had already won”. fair enough, i will give others their chances.
But for my friend’s son? I think it’s not fair. It’s his first time to join their fashion show and to be in that contest. And he is not a winner yet. The contest just started today, aproximately 25 hours from this writing. It will lasts for 2 weeks.

My friend obviously is irritated and sent a message to the organizer.
“We didn’t know….” they replied.

Well, i didn’t know either. I don’t want to comment anymore.
Just a big sigh…..

(below are the “missing” / “ommitted” photos)

Classic Z!

Sorry for my absences here. There’s a lot happening around me these past few weeks. My daughter Zendra had a lot of things to do:castings, pictorials, shootings. I recently republished her Facebook Fan Page, and needs a lot of updates. I am posting also for Bubblews. And my photoblog on Blogger is having cobwebs too. What a busy life.

As much as i wanted to, i can’t stay longer and sit here, tell about everything.I hope i would really find a lot of time to do that. So, be reminded, that i’ll be popping in and out here. Maybe by October i’ll be more free to write and share,

Thanks for dropping by!

Busy Bee

Busy Bee

i’m not forgetting my wordpress page. it’s just that i have been busy for the last weeks. back to normal work and my daughter Z had been busy with fotoshoots and some tv commercials. I’m a busy mom.

I hope i will be back on track soon and share all these wonderful stories and photos.

I will leave you now one of the photos during Z’s photoshoot.
Outfit: Kimbalo
Head dress: H&M

Necklace: Terranova

Bracelet: Kiddie’s

Photo Credits: Valentina Mantovani