Pitti Bimbo 80 in Florence

If you’re familiar with the kid’s fashion world, then i don’t have to further explain in details what Pitti Bimbo is all about. Well, if you just heard/read it the first time, it’s simply the biggest fashion show for kids that is always held in Florence, Italy every January and June. Tomorrow, the Pitti Bimbo 80th edition will start (Jan. 22-24). My friends who will be part of the catwalks are on their way now going to the city.

My daughter, who just turned 6, 2 weeks ago, had been offered to do a fashion show there. But, i refused. I guess she’s still too small for the big event. She might be shy. I said to my agency, let her grow more. Anyway, the photo was taken last January 9 during my daughter’s photo shoot for Guess Kids in Florence. When we called a taxi, there it is, my friend’s daughter advertisement on the whole car, for Silvian Heach Kids. It gets you a good and proud feeling too, knowing kids on the billboards or advertisements.

Featured image

She’s Pauline, another child filipina model here, like my daughter.

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