Women Power!

It’s Sunday, but not just an ordinary one. Today is the 8th of March and the whole world is celebrating the Women’s International Day! Well, i guess this should be done in 365 days. We’re talking about women: moms, grandmoms, aunts, sisters, mom-in-laws, sister-in-laws, friends, teachers, doctors, etc. etc. Name what you want, women share the power just like men.

I won’t argue about women being more powerful than men. OK, we’re all human, we’re different, but just the same. We all claim for one thing in life: HAPPINESS, SUCCESS AND FREEDOM.



Hello March

February has just ended. I’m saying Hello to the month of March. Lot of things happened last month. I couldn’t complain much. There are ups and downs. But,i always look at the bright side of life. May all of our March days be filled with hopes, love and faith.