Hectic Life


I know i’m into too much these past few weeks or months, so i haven’t updated this little blog of mine. I’m a working mom with three kids. You do the math how do i organize things up. My eldest son is back in the Philippines in his third year in college. Though i’m thousand miles far away, i still need to adjust my “Italian” time so i can catch him up in “Manila”, on Messenger or Facebook for some chit-chats. A mom needs frequent updates even one have a 20-year-old son.

My second son is a quiet-homebody one. The only thing i will need to prepare is his lunch whenever i leave the house. It’s school vacation since June 8 for him, so most of the time he stays home alone for a half day while i’m at work. The only thing i allow him to use is the microwave, for security sake. He’s turning 14, but safety is a big issue.

Last but not the least, my 6-year-old daughter keeps me busier than ever. The last weeks of June have been so hectic. June 23, a shooting for a TV commercial; June 24, off to Florence for the Pitti Bimbo 81 event. We were there for three days.

We arrived in Milan on a Friday, then the next day, June 27 she got another photo shoot again. If i didn’t move that June 28 photo shoot, it will be a non-stop week. I need to rest too, for the June 29 TV commercial shoot. My daughter however is a good girl, and she enjoys modelling, so never complains. Anyway, she got more rest than i am. While travelling, she sleeps, i don’t, for the obvious reason that we got no company to keep an eye on our belongings. Pays to be safe than sorry.

I usually wake up at 6:30 am. When i woke up at 6:00 am, and i’m not lazy, i jog for half an hour. Then i prepare breakfast for my hub and 2 kids. Prepare the little one, bring her to school, then i’m off to work. Around 1:00 pm i go home, do the laundry and eat my lunch. Then, i turn on the computer and look at updates, emails, etc. I frequently check on my iPad when i can, or if i can’t access on PC. At 3:30 pm, i go out again and pick up my daughter from school (she’s on summer school until July 28th). Arriving home, i hang the clothes, then prepare snack for her & for my son. Then back to PC (blogging, writing, googling, etc). At 7:30 or 8:00 pm it’s time to prepare dinner. After dinner, a bit of watching TV, then take a shower around 11:00 pm or even 12 midnight, especially during this summer. It’s so humid and hot!

A lot of my friends always ask me, “How do you find time to write blogs, update websites, check FB and write articles and be a stage mom”? I just simple say, “I just enjoy everything.!”

I am not a super human being. When you like what you do, it’s effortless!