Saying Hello To September

My family, taken at Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Believe it or not, it’s now September!

Today is the start of -ber days, and that means Christmas is coming again! How time flies reeaaaaallly fast! Vacation is almost over for the kids, and they’ll be back in school on the 14th of this month. My kids have been vacationing too much (almost 3 months!). They themselves, of course get annoyed from time to time, especially when we just stay home. My second son will be on his third middle school, while my daughter is going to be a first-grader. Exciting! She got a lot of questions: “Mamma, can i see my former classmates again from pre-school? Who will be my teachers? Who will be my new classmates?” And so on, and so forth.

I know she will obviously miss her former classmates/teachers/school, but i am telling her everything’s gonna be fine. “Just greet and smile at the other kids, so you can meet new friends. No need to be scared.”  For my little girl, it would be like starting from scratch again. I mean, new school, teachers and classmates. But, i’m sure she will be able to adjust eventually.

For my second son, it will be his last year in his school. There’s no high school in his campus. I’m sure he’ll enjoy more of his school now, as well as his classmates.

A lot of my friends and acquaintances are celebrating their birthdays, so i always regard September as a “happy birthday month”. 

There are lots of things for me this September:

// My italian friend is convincing me to bring my daughter to a fashion show casting of Mirtillo brand, that will be held in  Lugano (Switzerland). OK. The question is, when does this event will be held? The answer is, October 10, which means weekdays. I’ll think about it first.

//The TV spot “option” for my daughter won’t push through. Her agent told me, they chose a little blond girl. But, that’s OK. At least i won’t have to be absent from work. No harm done.

//The sure thing is, she’ll be part of a photo shoot on September 19, with the concept of “Back-to-School”.

//More and more pieces of useless papers to throw. My hub’s voice is echoing on my head, “Do you still need those receipts, lists and brochures? Throw them out”. 

//Save & organize all the new photos from our trips this August in the hard disc.

//Watch some movies! I haven’t been to cinema theater since “50-Shades of Grey”.

//Blog a lot, when i can!

So tell me, what are you most looking forward to in September?


Monday Plead

My daughter, Zendra for Guess Kids Look Book 2015/16
Guess Kids advertisement seen on Facebook


I don’t know how many times i “plead” online each time my daughter’s ad campaign or look book were published. I’m a prolific researcher on the web, but the world is so big, i can’t search them all.

I know, it’s always gamble. Who will ever care? But, it happened not just once, but a lot of times already. Strangers helping me out (thanks for their good hearts). An american girl, saw my plead years ago, when my daughter had been the face of Armani Junior. She read my plead blog (like this) and she really took time to go to the Library of Congress in USA to scan the New York Times newspaper, of my daughter’s one page advertisement of Armani Junior, and sent the scanned page to my email. Wow! She’s an angel. She didn’t even know me!

New York Times Newspaper (March, 2013)
New York Times Newspaper (March, 2013)

A colombian girl read my blog too, and she didn’t hesitate getting the Airport depliant in Prague when she recognized my daughter’s face for Armani Junior that time, asked my address, then sent the depliant by mail! And that’s why i always say, “no harm in trying”.

Airport Depliant in Prague

There must be some angels wondering on my plead blogs.

So i will give it another shot: To my followers or readers: “If anyone see her photo/advertisement on the web, magazines, or inside the store itself, PLEASE grab a photo of it, or let me know the links through comments or emails!” 

I am just a proud MOM! So don’t blame me. =)

Any seen photos of her for GUESS KIDS COLLECTION FALL/WINTER 2015/16 will be much appreciated! Email at

Visit HER official site:ZENDRA KIARA



Back in Milan

My daughter Z at Piazza Duomo of Milan

After Hungary, we get back to Milan for 5 days, then off again to Bergamo. We are really back home. I will be dealing with lots of videos to edit, lots of blogs to write and photos to upload. Bear with me.

Patience is a virtue. See Yah!



View from the top. Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

From France, we go way up to Hungary. Our vacation is not yet over, so i’m sure i can’t blog much for now. We will just enjoy, relax and make some memories.

The only words i understand are: snack and telefon. Hungarian language makes me crazy !

See you soon when we get back home in Milan (Italy)


I Have The Right To Panic

“Just one day!”

Yes, i am convincing myself not to panic. I was busy working since Monday, and it’s already Wednesday. Reminds me that i have only Thursday to pack our bags. Just one day before we leave for our much awaited “long” summer vacation. Tomorrow, i still have to work, as well as on Friday morning. We will leave at Friday night, so i hope i can pack things up before i sleep tomorrow. The question is, “do i have enough time to pack for a 5-day trip? I will not just pack for myself, but for my hub and the two kids as well. OK then. It’s time to put my “Super Mom” shirt i guess.

my tentative list
my tentative list

If being “forgetful” will be a sport, i will definitely win the gold. “Remembering what to pack” is a must, so i created the habit of listing “everything” (it could mean everything that i remember), so at least i have something to lean on (and blame on) while packing.

Well, wish me luck!


Family Bonding

August is the most “relaxing” month of the year, here in Italy. It means, majority of the people here are on vacation leave. The kids are on vacation too from school, so it is the best month to savor summer, and time to rest or explore. I personally doesn’t have a vacation leave this August, so i will be just contented to do some summer fun every weekends. My brother and her kids arrived here in Milan last Saturday, and they will stay here until the 12th of August. We seldom see each other because he lives with his family in Bologna. We will just make the best of our time when we can.


Last Saturday, we did some shopping at the mall near our home. My brother caught 2 stuffed toys in the machine while we were passing our time. My daughter is obviously ecstatic because she got a Dinosaur and a cute horse for her stuffed toy collection. I was tempted to buy two tops, even i didn’t have a plan to buy anything. They costs only 5 euro each: Bershka and Piazza Italia, so i don’t blame myself why i bought it. My mom also shopped for her “grand kids”, so nobody went home empty-handed. The fun ended up with ice cream cones from McDonald’s.

My Mom (center), my brother at the right and his 2 kids at the left. My daughter in front


It was a sunny Sunday, as opposed to the weather forecast that it’s gonna rain. What a better way to celebrate my brother’s birthday at the lake, not so far from Milan. We all had fun at Mandello del Lario (in Lecco).

Lovely view while we were on the train
My daughter enjoying the mini zipline
My brother, welcoming his 43rd Birthday =)

DSC_0108 DSC_0127 DSC_0163

My son trying to catch some fish
My son trying to catch some fish

And the summer fun continues….

Stay tuned!


Under Renovation


I have been busy lately transferring my Blogger blogs to WordPress. I decided to do this, so i can comment faster on my friends’ WordPress posts, and i can quickly go through my own blogs, by not logging in and out. It’s a long and slow process because i need to combine posts in each blogs, then customize each blogs and re-editing some posts.

So Stay tuned. This personal blog will resume as soon as i’m done renovating my WordPress!

Thanks for bearing.