Christmas Blues

Darsena Village in Milan, 2015

It’s December 24, literally one day before Christmas. I have no work today and just lazying around the house with my two kids. I don’t feel like going out, because it’s very cold outside. I’m still in my pajamas! Oh, yes! I can’t believe it’s 2:31 pm now, but i still look horrible on my pj’s. Hahaha! That sounds lazy (really lazy!)

Anyway, i just don’t feel like partying or hanging out today. It feels like an ordinary day, while back home in the Philippines, i see a lot of Christmas parties, and lots of foods! I feel homesick. It has been 22 years that i don’t experience a Philippine Christmas. Whew! That long?

My two kids are doing their school home works in the living room and i am here drooling over my family and friends’ Christmas photos over Instagram and Facebook. Life is sometimes sad when you’re too far from your real “home”.

My hub’s still at work and will arrive a bit late tonight. We’ll have our normal dinner. Nothing special. Tomorrow is Christmas Day and all that matters are the gifts which the kids are excited about.

Looking forward for their reactions. I might receive some presents too.

Well, until then..

Enjoy the holidays!