Happy Twenty First



Dearest CJ,

I can never forget when you were born 21 years ago. It was actually snowing here in Milan.
It was my first time to see that wonder. I was admitted at Ospedale Luigi Sacco, two weeks ahead from my scheduled check-up. I had 13 bottles (yes, i really counted them) stuck in my pulse, just to “trigger” you to spin around, because you were in breech position. You were supposed to be born on March 11, but i guess you were more excited to see the world outside.

You kicked me big time on the morning of January 25. It was painful. It was my first time being a mom. I was confused and scared. The doctors decided to do a Cesarean operation because your umbilical cord was starting to strangle you inside my womb.


At last! I heard your cries at 3:05 pm. It was Wednesday.
You’re premature. You only weigh 1.970 kilos. You were just 43 cm. long.

Red, tiny and with goggling eyes.

You were a “cry-baby”, but the nurses/midwives had found a solution for you.

They put a small radio beside your incubator. And you just kept quiet. It’s where you got those “love for music” i guess. You stayed there for 2 long months, because you can’t breath normally, and the skull above your nape is not yet literally “developed/connected”. Worst as it was, you also had a urine infection, and the doctors almost threw me away of the room when they are medicating you, because i could faint by the sight of your cries and pain each time they put catheter on you. Poor little baby.


Was it just yesterday when I first held you in my arms?

Time really flies.

These are your genes from the hospital record, that says “normal male”


Look how far you’ve come! You are now more “legal” to do things without parent’s signature and permission. Ha-ha-ha! Turning 21 means entering to a world with much privilege, maturity and responsibility.

It is a start of more exhilarating adventures, and a journey of discovering yourself further.

But, no matter how old you grow, I won’t stop looking after you. Always remember that even though i’m miles far away (physically), you know i’m there WITH you.

All i ever wish for you is to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL, in whatever you do.


Happy 21st birthday my son!

Have a blast!


Much Love,

♡ Mamma

Papa, Jaki & Z


Off To Florence

A good start for 2016. My daughter will be part of the Pitti Bimbo Event again in Florence. This is her first “project” for the year.


Well, we will be busy for the last 3 days so i guess you will see less of me here for the meantime. Busy stage mom! =)

Zendra will be participating in three fashion shows

Wish me and her the best of luck!