Long Weekend in Turin

Me and my daughter in front of “Il Po” fountain in Turin, Italy

OK, dish me up, but we had a long weekend! We were in Turin to relax, and have fun as well. We’re back in Milan yesterday night, yet my daughter will have some shootings and castings this week.

Promise, i’ll update. Soon as i have all the time in the world. =)


Let’s Do This, 45!


Is it weird that i don’t bother about my age? Honestly, i really don’t. I believe, aging is a normal thing. We have no control over it. It happens to everyone. The good thing about aging is, we can’t predict some twists and turns in our lives.

Let me do this 45-random thoughts!

  1. Well, i’m proud of my age. I never hide it either. Some women do.
  2.  I realized more that age is really just a NUMBER. It’s the life-quality that counts most.
  3.  I still giggle with the same man, for the last 19 years!
  4.  I am embarking on my 8th year of blogging.
  5.  I finally visited the Eiffel Tower, number one in my bucket list.
  6.  I still don’t consider myself as a “successful” Mom, because none of my kids have finished their schools yet. Although they all make me proud.
  7. I got 600+ Italian friends on my 2nd Facebook account. That much?
  8. Having a good laugh is chatting with long time friends while talking about high school memories.
  9.  I am grateful for all my friends and loved ones who are always there for me, from birth until this date. OK, that’s a bit of a metaphor.
  10. I am not wishing so much for myself, but my wish is for my loved ones to have a good health. That’s all that matters.
  11. I must admit, i am becoming “like my parents” more in some ways, to my children. Unlike when i was 30.
  12. I am learning to appreciate my spouse in more ways everyday. Fortunately, we never really had big quarrels at all.
  13. I become more conscious about what i eat or how much i weigh. I am not 20 anymore. Less carbs, less sweets, more of movements and liquids.
  14. I am savoring the moments of bliss and watch my children grow up into independent ones and thanking the universe that i raised them well enough.
  15. Always wondering what will become of my kids someday.
  16. I don’t or hardly watch TV shows anymore. I just prefer Jimmy Fallon’s Night Show, or Crime Series if i have time. I should say i spent more time on Filipino soap operas now, than the last 10 years.
  17. I’m still collecting mugs, fridge magnets and postcards. I stopped collecting cd albums. We got iPod/iPad, and Music Player Apps now.
  18. I still treasure my DVD movie/concert collection though. I still prefer watching the real dvd.
  19. I realized some people abuses you when you’re being too kind. I learn to say No.
  20. I guess i’m quicker to say “I’m Sorry” and liberated from 70 percent of “should-have-done-this” phrase, that dominated on my 30’s.
  21. I stayed on the mirror just 10 minutes or so.
  22. I notice i wear my fave clothes, outfit or shoes almost every week. Now, how do i get rid of my “not-worn-so-much-clothes”?
  23. I still believe my sex life is still 90% active. (Secret)
  24. I still listen to the songs from the 60’s/70’s/80’s. I’m not familiar with the 2010’s songs. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with that.
  25. I’m not vain about blemishes and wrinkles.
  26. I believe i would be back to my first love soon, painting. It’s been 3 decades i haven’t touched a brush or canvass.
  27. I drink water with lemons now. It becomes obligatory for myself.
  28. OK, my husband tells me i snore now. I never believed, until he recorded me on video. Yay!
  29. I still love wearing sneakers everyday.
  30. Friendship is everything!
  31. I’m contented of what i have now: Loving family & good friends.
  32. I’m more peaceful.
  33. I don’t aim to be rich. Just have “enough” is more than OK.
  34. Confidence becomes stronger.
  35. Breaking rules are fun, sometimes.
  36. I don’t fear death.
  37. Being 45 is Fabulous!
  38. I have grey hairs and seldom color my hair.
  39. I still don’t like politics.
  40. I need to wear eyeglasses now when reading.
  41. Young ones call me “Auntie” or “Ma’am”. Who cares?
  42. I visited 29 great attractions from different countries.
  43. I am willing to discover things and travel more, as long as my feet allow me.
  44. I’m ready for a big change in my life, SOON!
  45. No cakes, no celebration, nothing at all for my 45th Birthday. The greetings from everyone is all that i valued the most.




I hope this is going to be a good year.

Let’s do this, forty five!


Superman Meets Super Mom

OK. Before you react about the title…i all consider Moms as “Super”…I guess all the moms will agree to that. Anyway, it’s been an interesting Sunday, for i brought my Super Z to an event and didn’t suspect Superman will be there to greet us at the main entrance.

(Ha ha ha!)
It’s supposed to be a Star Wars exhibit, but some personalities are present there.

I’m a Superman fan! My daughter keeps on asking me who is he. She haven’t seen any Superman movie yet. Maybe seen his face on comic books or videos, but haven’t really known why he is called Superman.


Well, with this thought, i wish you all a great Monday!