OMG! Don’t Tell Me It’s Been a Year?



OK, OK…I know I always say I will (always) update my blog. This is the second time I laid my hands on my personal computer in one year! Would you believe that? And, today I can’t even log-in to my account. Tried and tried, so I finally clicked that “forgot password” button. Finally, reset it! To cut the long story short, I had a busy year since July, 2017. Yeah, I have pushed (so hard), to blog or even make a draft, yet, struggling with the local snail internet here in town is a loose situation. I gave up.

So, what happened since last year? From our building construction, to kids’ schooling, bonding with friends and family, food tripping, and all those misfortunes & fortunes of life…here I am now, sitting in front of my beloved Lenovo PC and thinking about flowers, plants, blogs, fruits, and songs…and a lot more of other things.

At last I got a not so-snail-internet connection now. One reason to start blogging again. One year was so fast! My little girl speaks fluent Tagalog and English languages now. My second son, however can’t yet speak more than two sentences of Tagalog. He’s fluent though in English. OK, wait. For those who happened to just click this blog link, a bit of a flashback: My kids were born and raised in Italy, and we went back here in the Philippines last July, 2016. They had a hard time trying to speak Filipino. Will write another blog for their “Tagalog adventure”.

Anyway, our house was finally finished. It’s a 4-storey building, with 4-room units for rent on the first and second floors. Our residence is on the third and fourth floor. Hmmm? Too many stairs, as they say.  “Why live on the third & fourth floors?” I said, “Why not?” I love way up there. It’s quiet and it has an incredible view of Mt. Banahaw. Priceless indeed. I still miss my Italian life every now and then. When I see my friends’ photos on Facebook, there’s an irk inside of me, “I wish I was there laughing with them”…but on the contrary, I am loving my life here. Simple, slow, and free. Free from the stressful work abroad. Free from the endless errands of the bosses. Free from homesick.

My father had a hemorrhagic stroke last March, 2017, comatose for 9 days and his body was half paralyzed. We suffered, physically, emotionally and psychologically. It’s been hard. For a year, Dad had a tough recovery. Painful therapies, depression, etc. You know that feeling that you can’t even talked or moved normally your body. Everything hurts. Everything wasn’t good. But,God is always good. My father is still alive and no complications. He maybe bed-ridden but he’s OK. He’s 78!

I’m still in long distance relation and my husband’s still in Milan. Thanks for the messenger app! It’s the best connection we always have, day and night. I miss him! But, life is like that. We always need to sacrifice for our dreams. One bucket list fulfilled: our dream house. Though it’s not yet completely furnished, we are getting through, slowly, but surely.

I am busy now trying my thumb to be green. Hahaha! I am afraid I’m getting addicted to plants, flowers and other stuffs I never thought I could do. I’m happy each morning I see flowers blooming in my humble balcony. I am painting my own pots. I can practically sit for a day, just painting and shoveling soil. Gheez, I did it, not looking at the clock.

My mother’s finally home too! I guess it’s about time she rest from abroad life. She literally spent 35 long years in Italy! I spent 22 years there! I’m happy, she’s with us now here. I practically don’t grow up with my Mom. She left for abroad when I was 13. We were reunited in Italy when I was 22. So, I know she deserves to stay for good.

Do I still miss mentioning something? Well, my brain is a bit sleepy by this time. It’s 3 pm. I will leave you here hanging for the meantime. I got lots of stories to tell, so I will push myself to have those flashback for the last whole year or two years (since we came back home). Yeah, that’s quiet brain squeezing. Hope I still can rely on my memory.

It’s nice to be writing again. See you, soon!


Love lots,