The Invisible Killer


We are still at the beginning of the trimester for the year 2020 and too many bad things happened and still happening around us. The COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic has become a global shocker. An invisible killer. Thousands of newsletters, feeds, links, videos, fake or fact is flooding all over the social media. We are literally ‘doomed’. Just one virus can stop the world [for a while]. Everyone was advised to ‘Stay Home’, to be safer, to be more secure, to lessen [or to stop] the spread of the virus, to care for each other’s health and to be more human again.

We don’t have to blame now where the virus came from. It was first identified in a few cases with pneumonia in December 2019 in China. Shit happens. The virus peaked and spread out. We are all scared to death, obviously. One thing that we can simply do is to stay calm & stay home. Was it hard?

As of March 20, more than 8, 700 people worldwide had died of COVID-19, the disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [SARS/CoV-2]. The stability of this virus is worrisome. People die quickly everyday. Italy was hit big time. Thousands of coffins were carried everyday at the cemetery. I just can’t imagine how their families are coping with all of these pandemic.

My husband’s in Milan and also ‘forced-to-stay-at-home’. I’m worried everyday when he goes out to buy some food or work. I have been sleepless since Day 1. Everything stops. Almost everywhere is closed. We are dealing with this, not just in the Philippines, not just in Italy, not just in Europe, not just in the USA, but literally all over the globe.

Back here at home, me and my three kids were stuck at home. Thank you Lord for the food that we have! We are not allowed anymore to go out after 1:00 pm. Only the head of the family has an ID Pass to go out. And that’s me. But, I guess strict rules is better than sorry at the end. For now, we have ZERO cases of infected people. That’s a relief.

The local government is wise enough to lock down the town as early as possible before the COVID-19 attacked our town. A lot of measures and precautions were given. But, the real solution for now is DISCIPLINE. People should follow the rules. People should obey. People should care.

At one point, I realized that God has its way of teaching human a hard lesson. This virus is giving us enough time to be home; to bond with the family, to interact more, to care more. We are crazily busy with the outside world, with the virtual world. See? This lock down has a positive side. When was the last time you draw with your kid/s? When was the last time you help your wife pick up the laundry? When was the last time you camp on your own yard? When was the last time you see your husband fixing things? We got endless questions of when’s, right? But, this is the time to be together as much as you could. I couldn’t possibly bond with my husband now. We’re physically far from each other and that’s saddening. Think about the front liners’ families. The doctors, nurses, health workers, volunteers, firefighters, police, military, etc. They all risk their lives to tend to the sick and the dead [unfortunately]. Heard the news? Some doctors died too. Nurses are infected now too. So, where do we go from here? I still can’t imagine when this will end.

PRAY. That’s the only thing we can do.

To lift our spirits up. To calm down our mind.

To feel OK.

GOD help us!