23 Days..and Counting!


It has been almost three weeks since the lock down in our town. I only used this Home Quarantine Pass for 3 days [once a week]. The public market has this schedule, allowing each Barangay a one-day market time. We are scheduled only every Sunday to go to the market. Every establishments here are operative from 5:00 am until 1:00 pm only. No one is allowed to go out at 1:00 pm onwards, unless you are in the local government, health worker, nurse, doctor, police or volunteers at the check points. It[s a tough situation, yet the best way to fight COVID-19. People die each minute around the world. We all have to obey what the government demand us to do: Stay Home!

I have to admit that the budget is flattening. Kids eat continuously and you can’t just tell them to “not eat”. It has been 23 days that I don’t work. Obviously, I have no income. I’m just relying now on some money saved before the lock down. I don’t know if the government will extend the lock down. We are supposed to stay home until April 14. The graphics seems to be raising up since last week.

I would be hypocrite to say, “I’m glad I am home”. But, just as life goes on, I need to be optimistic with all the bad things happening outside. What else can we do? Time will be a waste if we focus on ranting, getting bored, and lazying around. I don’t find it boring honestly. I am always busy. I can’t just sit down and do nothing. I have been blogging [on my Filipino blog] since Day 1 of the lquarantine. See? I haven’t touched my computer for a year and now I am literally banging the keyboard everyday, ha ha ha!

There will always be things to do inside the house. I clean up closets, drawers, organize photos, paint, write, clean up the plants, and watch some films. No room for complaints. I am happy because I am safe with my kids. On the other hand, I am sad, my husband is not with us. He was also in lock down right back in Italy. Life is tough. I need to be calm and strong at the same time. I got three kids to attend to! This morning my daughter started to organize her accessories and stuffs. She sings everyday. And I need to listen to the same song everyday. Do I have a choice? Hahaha! But, of course I love the way she sings. She’s adorable. My two guys has their own ways to unbore themselves: Play station, guitar, or piano. Anyway, they are used to staying home, so no difference at all, before and during the lock down. Can’t complain.

As everyone is so into Tik Tok app, Emoji or math quizzes [on Facebook], K-Drama marathons, I don’t join in. Never tempted. It’s not my line, I guess. I am more contented to read a book, write a blog or paint. Creativity makes me more productive and active. I get to enjoy more of my “Me-Time”, when kids just do their thing.

Let us all hope that this pandemic will one day stop, so everything will be back to normal again. I guess with this crisis, we will come out to be a better person, realizing that everything that we are going through right now is the Lord’s tap on our shoulder, telling us to be more humble, helpful and grateful. We only have one life. Make that one worth it.

God Bless us all!



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