Thirty Seven Days in Quarantine

This is my 1-minute video-entry for Project Space Pilipinas. “Emotion in Motion”. I don’t know, but I get goosebumps myself when I see that swirling music box. Reminds me of my childhood when I used to dream of having my own musical box with a ballet dancer in it. The one on the video is a gift from my mom when I was 30! All I need is a little patience. Everything takes their time I guess.

So, it has been 37 days since the lock down. What have you done while on quarantine? Still remaining sane? Our quarantine schedule was supposed to end by April 30, but looking at the graphics, it seems that the number of COVID-19 positive individuals keeps on rising. Sigh! I just hope by the month of May, everything will turn out better. People are getting restless. People starve. People are jobless. People are bored. Bills are adding up each month. I can’t imagine how the poor ones are holding up.

Good people used to donate relief goods, as well as our local government. Yesterday they gave 1,000 pesos each household. That’s not too much, but it will give you food for a week. Last week, they sent rice and canned goods. The other day, our neighbor gave free snacks and bread. These kind-hearted people or group make us all relieved, at least. And, for my birthday tomorrow, I will be giving something to my neighborhood. Small help is better than nothing, right? It is my way of paying it forward.

Two of my artworks were also sold, so I will use the money to help other people in need. It would be my best birthday treat ever!


Will update soon. Stay Home. Stay Safe.


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