TGIF #54: Something For My Birthday


It has been almost 7 years, since I last posted a TGIF [Thanks God, It’s Five-day-blog]. So, today I’m gonna retrieve that. I will just jot down five things that happened on my 49th birthday. Game?

  1. My best friend Chat surprised me with a beautiful birthday cake! Well, she never missed a cake for my birthday each year. Isn’t she awesome? Her sister too surprised me with an equally yummy custard cake. We are all wearing red top! That’s another unexpected surprise. Hahaha!
  2. My daughter Z, made a very beautiful birthday card. Handcrafted with love. I have no idea. How she hide it from me? Really amazing!
  3. My family planned a sumptuous lunch too, with my favorite dishes! We are all burping.
  4. I offered free breakfast to the neighborhood on my birthday and the day after. The feeling is just priceless. It is always nice to help people. Sharing is caring.
  5. My husband finally greet me on my exact birth date. Yeah, that’s new! Hahaha! He always think it’s the 21st of April.


All in all, I really had a blast. I will blog (with pictures) one by one these 5, OK?

Thanks everyone who greeted me on Facebook, Messenger and text messages. I feel so blessed!




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