The Weekend That Was


Photo by my daughter, Z

We just finished our 48 hours lock down here in our town. It’s not that hard, as long as you have foods inside the house. The kids are continuously eating! Gosh! Anyway, the sun is shining today, unlike yesterday, it was raining hard. We are now on the 44th day of quarantine. The local government have distributed the new Home Quarantine Pass. This time with our picture, so borrowing of ID pass will be avoided. Only one person per household is allowed to go out to buy food or medicine. There’s no other than me, to do the grocery. But, I just go out once. I see to it that I buy the essential foods and needs for the whole week.

I finally finished yesterday my painting for my best friend. It has been a week I am trying to finish that. Hahaha! I will share on my art blog page soon. Anyway, I am now finishing 2 other paintings on paper as part of my “Face-Series”. The “Quattro” (first of the series) has just been sold a month ago. Quattro (Italian) means four. The “Family O” (consisting of 5 faces), was my gift for my friend on her 50th birthday.

Anyway, I will be back with my paint brush now. I will leave you with this video clip.

This is my kids routine while on quarantine. Wake Up-Eat-Play-Eat-Paint-Sleep. My second son made this one. An entry for Project Space Pilipinas’ Quarantined Lives.


Have a Happy Monday!



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