Kids Can Just Make You Laugh


With My Art Students! See, I look like a kid, too, hahaha! I am the one wearing a red shirt at the back.

Kids will always be kids. They will always surprise you of their innocent opinion, wisdom or humor. And, in the process, you will end up laughing with their responses.

Let’s try them!

My daughter speaks fluent Italian but not perfect English. When we went back to the Philippines, she had a hard time reciting the Lord’s Prayer. We always repeat each day, so she can memorize it. One day, she told me she can do it alone. With Italian accent, I listened, and she slowly recited, right up to the end of the prayer:

“Lead us not into temptation…but deliver us from E-mail.”  I can’t help laughing!

During our summer art class, I asked my students to draw a flower using shapes. As I was demonstrating, one student came to me and ask, “Ma’am, flowers don’t have perfect shapes, how could we draw using shapes?” I answered, just follow my instructions, so you will see. While I am starting to draw a heart, she asked again, “Ma’am, do flowers have a heart?”  I smiled and say, “We can draw a rosebud by using a heart, but flowers don’t have a heart. “So, if the flowers don’t have a heart, how do they survive. Humans need a heart to survive, right?” “Just draw with me and I will explain to you later, OK?” I rest my case…I won’t be able to draw that rosebud by explaining her about photosynthesis and how do flowers bloom and not die. [Ha ha ha!]

“Kids, who among you say prayers before eating?” Almost everyone raised their hands, except for one. “You didn’t raise your hand..why?”, I asked the kid. ”I can’t lie. I don’t say a prayer before I eat. I guess, I don’t have to. My Mom is a good cook. I guess I am safe.” [Do I need to say more?]

“Kids, listen up, be responsible, so when you are ready to settle down, you know what to do, OK?” You can’t imagine how they reacted. Some smile, some just didn’t mind, some get curious. “Ma’am, does marrying someone means you have to wash all your dishes after every meal?” “Yeah, you need to wash them, of course.” “Then, I will just hire somebody to wash the dishes, why marry anyway?” [I just can’t help smiling!]

Until next ! Be safe. Stay at Home.


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