Throwback Tuesday 003

It’s Tuesday, let’s move back for a while. I am really missing my friends now. It has been more than two months that we don’t bond since the lock down. This was taken last March 3, 2020. The restaurant was newly-opened. This is their 2nd day. When I bumped into my friends, we always end up eating! So I told them, “Let’s check out this new place called “La Frio Retiro”. I didn’t ask the owner how they came up with that name. But, she explained that she loves the Beatles, hence a lot of Beatles stuff are all over the walls. And obviously, the reason for Beatles song playing non-stop. How cool is that?

Me & my daughter Z

My daughter know the Beatles because of me. When she was small, I let her listen to old songs like Beatles, Cascades, Carpenters, ABBA, etc. Surprisingly, she almost memorized the ABBA songs.

My One-Bumped Away Friends

I always teased them, we are the “one-bumped-away gang”. The town is small for us, ha ha ha! No week that we will not see each other. Anyway, this place is so cold, with full blast air conditioning. And we were early too, so no one is around. The menu is all-American. Typical hamburgers, fries, hot dog sandwiches. Aside from the cozy place, I love their root beer! After this pandemic, I will come back for that root beer. Promise!


Until next foodtrip!


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