Kisses & Words

I seldom eat chocolates. In fact, i’m choosy when it comes to chocolates.

One of the chocolates that i love is the “Bacio or Baci” of Perugina, here in Italy. I love it’s taste. Bacio means “kiss” (Baci is the plural form of the word).


What i also love about this chocolate? The “quote” inside each chocolate. In fact, i got a jar of these small papers with different quotes (in different languages). No harm collecting, right?

DSC_2251I’m a busy mom these past few weeks (i guess it’s not new anymore, hahaha)

I’m enjoying my stay-cation for the Holy Week with my kids.






Happy Twenty First



Dearest CJ,

I can never forget when you were born 21 years ago. It was actually snowing here in Milan.
It was my first time to see that wonder. I was admitted at Ospedale Luigi Sacco, two weeks ahead from my scheduled check-up. I had 13 bottles (yes, i really counted them) stuck in my pulse, just to “trigger” you to spin around, because you were in breech position. You were supposed to be born on March 11, but i guess you were more excited to see the world outside.

You kicked me big time on the morning of January 25. It was painful. It was my first time being a mom. I was confused and scared. The doctors decided to do a Cesarean operation because your umbilical cord was starting to strangle you inside my womb.


At last! I heard your cries at 3:05 pm. It was Wednesday.
You’re premature. You only weigh 1.970 kilos. You were just 43 cm. long.

Red, tiny and with goggling eyes.

You were a “cry-baby”, but the nurses/midwives had found a solution for you.

They put a small radio beside your incubator. And you just kept quiet. It’s where you got those “love for music” i guess. You stayed there for 2 long months, because you can’t breath normally, and the skull above your nape is not yet literally “developed/connected”. Worst as it was, you also had a urine infection, and the doctors almost threw me away of the room when they are medicating you, because i could faint by the sight of your cries and pain each time they put catheter on you. Poor little baby.


Was it just yesterday when I first held you in my arms?

Time really flies.

These are your genes from the hospital record, that says “normal male”


Look how far you’ve come! You are now more “legal” to do things without parent’s signature and permission. Ha-ha-ha! Turning 21 means entering to a world with much privilege, maturity and responsibility.

It is a start of more exhilarating adventures, and a journey of discovering yourself further.

But, no matter how old you grow, I won’t stop looking after you. Always remember that even though i’m miles far away (physically), you know i’m there WITH you.

All i ever wish for you is to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL, in whatever you do.


Happy 21st birthday my son!

Have a blast!


Much Love,

♡ Mamma

Papa, Jaki & Z


Off To Florence

A good start for 2016. My daughter will be part of the Pitti Bimbo Event again in Florence. This is her first “project” for the year.


Well, we will be busy for the last 3 days so i guess you will see less of me here for the meantime. Busy stage mom! =)

Zendra will be participating in three fashion shows

Wish me and her the best of luck!


Christmas Blues

Darsena Village in Milan, 2015

It’s December 24, literally one day before Christmas. I have no work today and just lazying around the house with my two kids. I don’t feel like going out, because it’s very cold outside. I’m still in my pajamas! Oh, yes! I can’t believe it’s 2:31 pm now, but i still look horrible on my pj’s. Hahaha! That sounds lazy (really lazy!)

Anyway, i just don’t feel like partying or hanging out today. It feels like an ordinary day, while back home in the Philippines, i see a lot of Christmas parties, and lots of foods! I feel homesick. It has been 22 years that i don’t experience a Philippine Christmas. Whew! That long?

My two kids are doing their school home works in the living room and i am here drooling over my family and friends’ Christmas photos over Instagram and Facebook. Life is sometimes sad when you’re too far from your real “home”.

My hub’s still at work and will arrive a bit late tonight. We’ll have our normal dinner. Nothing special. Tomorrow is Christmas Day and all that matters are the gifts which the kids are excited about.

Looking forward for their reactions. I might receive some presents too.

Well, until then..

Enjoy the holidays!




Stress Reliever: Coloring


I was introduced by a friend of mine to anti-stress coloring book. I think i have to give it a shot. So, i bought a “starter” book. Not that bad. It doesn’t costs much and i love the graphics.

So how does this coloring hobby becomes a stress reliever?

Using adult coloring books is not art therapy, but can help you relax, reduce stress and boost mental clarity, according to Deane Alban.

A surprising trend in relaxation products has been the explosion of coloring books for adults, these days. When engaged in their hobby, “colorists,” as they call themselves, say that their worries temporarily fade away.

Well, i guess, as a “colorist” myself, it’s true. It has become as a pre-bedtime ritual. Truly relaxing. And, don’t forget that it’s electronic-free. A good reason to be away from any electronic gadgets.


As expected, my daughter Z “helped” me. I can’t say no to my little girl. Never mind the mess. =)

Not everyone likes to color alone.

Coloring has even become a social activity, a modern equivalent of a quilting bee. You can share your works, get tips, and find templates to color on Facebook’s Coloring Books for Adults public group. I am a member of a coloring group and it’s amazing to see their works and learn from the “masters of colors”. They share advice on what pens to use, how to’s and you get to also meet them during a special “colorists” gathering.

Just keep in mind that coloring books are not a substitute for art therapy and that coloring does not provide the same mental health benefits as creating art.

Each of us has their own choices and likes, so if this coloring appeals to you. Then go, buy a coloring books for adults and start coloring. Don’t worry if you mess up with the colors and lines. What matters is, the simple anti-stress benefit you’ll get from it.