New York Times

New York Times

What another big surprise. A friend of mine from USA sent me this quick cell phone foto of my daughter Zendra (and her Armani ad-mate) If i’m not mistaken Giuseppe is the name of this cute boy with her (always on armani junior ads for this spring/summer season, on magazines/newspapers). Anyway, i haven’t had the real chance of meeting his parents. During our shooting, he’s with his grandparents. i think i just overheard them calling him. But of course, maybe i’m wrong so if anyone can correct me it would be fine.

So anyway, my little Z has been on New York Times newspaper last March 14, 2013 issue. My friend forgot to mention which page, back or inside the newspaper. Whatever, i’m SO (with a capital S. and O.) proud of Z! She’s seen worldwide. Thanks to my friends who always take time to capture photos of her or tell me where to find her photos/posters.

Keep conquering the world Z! =)
Love you sweetie!

Everything Has Its “Price”


Foto above from Chinese Site:

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Italian Blog:

Brazilian Blog:

That’s one of the “prices” having a model-daughter. The media & internet world partly “own” her. I’m proud of her indeed. What more can i say?