What’s Keeping Me Busy


The school opened here last week and obviously i’m busier than ever.

Waking up earlier.

Preparing breakfast.

Preparing kid’s things for school.

Off to work.

Fetch my little one from school.

Cook dinner.

That becomes a daily routine.

Just like the washing machine. Wash-Spin-Wash-Rinse-Spin!

I still have no time to really blog for now. The drafts are overflowing.

Until then…


Under Renovation


I have been busy lately transferring my Blogger blogs to WordPress. I decided to do this, so i can comment faster on my friends’ WordPress posts, and i can quickly go through my own blogs, by not logging in and out. It’s a long and slow process because i need to combine posts in each blogs, then customize each blogs and re-editing some posts.

So Stay tuned. This personal blog will resume as soon as i’m done renovating my WordPress!

Thanks for bearing.