Family Bonding

August is the most “relaxing” month of the year, here in Italy. It means, majority of the people here are on vacation leave. The kids are on vacation too from school, so it is the best month to savor summer, and time to rest or explore. I personally doesn’t have a vacation leave this August, so i will be just contented to do some summer fun every weekends. My brother and her kids arrived here in Milan last Saturday, and they will stay here until the 12th of August. We seldom see each other because he lives with his family in Bologna. We will just make the best of our time when we can.


Last Saturday, we did some shopping at the mall near our home. My brother caught 2 stuffed toys in the machine while we were passing our time. My daughter is obviously ecstatic because she got a Dinosaur and a cute horse for her stuffed toy collection. I was tempted to buy two tops, even i didn’t have a plan to buy anything. They costs only 5 euro each: Bershka and Piazza Italia, so i don’t blame myself why i bought it. My mom also shopped for her “grand kids”, so nobody went home empty-handed. The fun ended up with ice cream cones from McDonald’s.

My Mom (center), my brother at the right and his 2 kids at the left. My daughter in front


It was a sunny Sunday, as opposed to the weather forecast that it’s gonna rain. What a better way to celebrate my brother’s birthday at the lake, not so far from Milan. We all had fun at Mandello del Lario (in Lecco).

Lovely view while we were on the train
My daughter enjoying the mini zipline
My brother, welcoming his 43rd Birthday =)

DSC_0108 DSC_0127 DSC_0163

My son trying to catch some fish
My son trying to catch some fish

And the summer fun continues….

Stay tuned!



Hectic Life


I know i’m into too much these past few weeks or months, so i haven’t updated this little blog of mine. I’m a working mom with three kids. You do the math how do i organize things up. My eldest son is back in the Philippines in his third year in college. Though i’m thousand miles far away, i still need to adjust my “Italian” time so i can catch him up in “Manila”, on Messenger or Facebook for some chit-chats. A mom needs frequent updates even one have a 20-year-old son.

My second son is a quiet-homebody one. The only thing i will need to prepare is his lunch whenever i leave the house. It’s school vacation since June 8 for him, so most of the time he stays home alone for a half day while i’m at work. The only thing i allow him to use is the microwave, for security sake. He’s turning 14, but safety is a big issue.

Last but not the least, my 6-year-old daughter keeps me busier than ever. The last weeks of June have been so hectic. June 23, a shooting for a TV commercial; June 24, off to Florence for the Pitti Bimbo 81 event. We were there for three days.

We arrived in Milan on a Friday, then the next day, June 27 she got another photo shoot again. If i didn’t move that June 28 photo shoot, it will be a non-stop week. I need to rest too, for the June 29 TV commercial shoot. My daughter however is a good girl, and she enjoys modelling, so never complains. Anyway, she got more rest than i am. While travelling, she sleeps, i don’t, for the obvious reason that we got no company to keep an eye on our belongings. Pays to be safe than sorry.

I usually wake up at 6:30 am. When i woke up at 6:00 am, and i’m not lazy, i jog for half an hour. Then i prepare breakfast for my hub and 2 kids. Prepare the little one, bring her to school, then i’m off to work. Around 1:00 pm i go home, do the laundry and eat my lunch. Then, i turn on the computer and look at updates, emails, etc. I frequently check on my iPad when i can, or if i can’t access on PC. At 3:30 pm, i go out again and pick up my daughter from school (she’s on summer school until July 28th). Arriving home, i hang the clothes, then prepare snack for her & for my son. Then back to PC (blogging, writing, googling, etc). At 7:30 or 8:00 pm it’s time to prepare dinner. After dinner, a bit of watching TV, then take a shower around 11:00 pm or even 12 midnight, especially during this summer. It’s so humid and hot!

A lot of my friends always ask me, “How do you find time to write blogs, update websites, check FB and write articles and be a stage mom”? I just simple say, “I just enjoy everything.!”

I am not a super human being. When you like what you do, it’s effortless!


Viva Venezia!

Viva Venezia!

It’s my fourth time in Venice and i just can’t get enough of this lovely city. I’m just busy lately travelling here and there, so i still don’t have time to sit down long enough to write blogs. Uffiii, i need to recover a lot. I just grabbed this photo taken by my nephew, Luigi. I hope you’ll find me here. (the woman with a hat with the blue/green printed dress. i mean the half me)

See yah for my upcoming blogs.