What Are You Grateful For?

Times are tough now. COVID-19 almost blocked the whole system around the globe. Establishments and offices are almost closed. Most of the people can’t work. Hence, most of them have no income, no means of buying food and necessities in time of crisis. I just can imagine the children who are starving and their respective families. One of the reasons why I don’t complain. Life is hard. Yet, life has been harder to everyone who are ‘poorest of the poor’ as what they categorized them.

I asked my daughter to jot/draw the things she is grateful for. Surprisingly, she did an amazing job. Even if things look harder these days, I guess we need to  find something to be thankful for.


Here are some of mine:

  1. Home. A roof over my head is something I am proud of. Realizing our own home has never been exciting. It’s almost three years now, since we built it. With all the hard work for more than 2 decades back in Italy, I am grateful that my husband and I, have provided a comfortable home for our three kids. Earning and saving paid off.
  2. Water. We can live without electricity, but water is essential. I am thankful we live in the province, and water is potable. Living at the foot of the mountain is an advantage. Cold springs and fresh water is available.
  3. Food. I could say we may not be that rich, but we are able to feed our kids. Our little business helps in providing. Kids never complain of whatever is there on the table.
  4. Family and Friends. For all the love, support, kindness, and all the fun that my family and friends offer, I am forever grateful. Need to say more?
  5. Health. We are not the indestructible “Incredible Family”, we sure got flu, colds and fever. But, Thank God, we haven’t had an issue for a hospital confinement. Health is wealth, so we make sure everything’s always fine around the house.
  6. Enjoy simple things. The warm of the sunlight. A walk or jog. A beautiful mountain view in our window. The spectacular colors of the trees. The awesome sunset.
  7. Trials. We all have our downfalls in life. Think of this COVID-19 as one. I can’t operate my business. My husband can’t either work. Kids stop schooling. But, this made us more appreciative of life. The importance of the simple things. Just being more kind to every human being [and animals as well]. Life is too short to cry over a spilled milk. Just have faith.
  8. Internet. In this new world of technology, I am so grateful for having an access to the internet. My husband still works in Italy, and the only way we can communicate is to video chat. It keeps every human sane being far from their loved ones.
  9. Sense of Humor. I just can’t live without having a smile on my face. I love being funny. I love making people laugh. It makes me sane. It lightens up all the burdens in life. We can’t be so serious all the time.
  10. I still breathe. Each day when I wake up, I feel so grateful that I am still alive. Life is just temporary. God gave it to us, as an opportunity to lead a better life and learning to pay it forward.






Filler. Happy Easter!

Life is like a quiz.
It’s a pile of questions upon questions, each of which has a set of multiple choice for answers. These are our crossroads. The choices we make for our answers are our decisions.
The difference is that the choices are neither right nor wrong which is why we are not required to review. In fact there are no such things as reviewers in this type of quiz. And when we choose our answers we don’t use our mind alone but also our heart.
Some correct answers will be vague, others will be illogical but right, most are dead sure answers but are chosen otherwise by people. Whatever answers we chose are affected by circumstances that we are experiencing. Other persons will not understand why we decided that way, others will support and provide guidance. But at any rate, we may opt not to choose any answer and get contented with what we already have.
The other difference is that we are allowed to copy from any whom you think is worth copying. That means we can copy or idolize the lives of others but may not have the same results.
And like any other quiz, one has to pass in order to be successful. But that doesn’t mean getting all the answers right. Some answers will be deemed failures, others will be partially correct. Because unlike any other quiz, we will answer questions while learning from them. And these lessons will pile up as we answer more. And as we do rummage through the questions, we’ll eventually learn to cope up and pass with flying colors.