Kids Can Just Make You Laugh


With My Art Students! See, I look like a kid, too, hahaha! I am the one wearing a red shirt at the back.

Kids will always be kids. They will always surprise you of their innocent opinion, wisdom or humor. And, in the process, you will end up laughing with their responses.

Let’s try them!

My daughter speaks fluent Italian but not perfect English. When we went back to the Philippines, she had a hard time reciting the Lord’s Prayer. We always repeat each day, so she can memorize it. One day, she told me she can do it alone. With Italian accent, I listened, and she slowly recited, right up to the end of the prayer:

“Lead us not into temptation…but deliver us from E-mail.”  I can’t help laughing!

During our summer art class, I asked my students to draw a flower using shapes. As I was demonstrating, one student came to me and ask, “Ma’am, flowers don’t have perfect shapes, how could we draw using shapes?” I answered, just follow my instructions, so you will see. While I am starting to draw a heart, she asked again, “Ma’am, do flowers have a heart?”  I smiled and say, “We can draw a rosebud by using a heart, but flowers don’t have a heart. “So, if the flowers don’t have a heart, how do they survive. Humans need a heart to survive, right?” “Just draw with me and I will explain to you later, OK?” I rest my case…I won’t be able to draw that rosebud by explaining her about photosynthesis and how do flowers bloom and not die. [Ha ha ha!]

“Kids, who among you say prayers before eating?” Almost everyone raised their hands, except for one. “You didn’t raise your hand..why?”, I asked the kid. ”I can’t lie. I don’t say a prayer before I eat. I guess, I don’t have to. My Mom is a good cook. I guess I am safe.” [Do I need to say more?]

“Kids, listen up, be responsible, so when you are ready to settle down, you know what to do, OK?” You can’t imagine how they reacted. Some smile, some just didn’t mind, some get curious. “Ma’am, does marrying someone means you have to wash all your dishes after every meal?” “Yeah, you need to wash them, of course.” “Then, I will just hire somebody to wash the dishes, why marry anyway?” [I just can’t help smiling!]

Until next ! Be safe. Stay at Home.


Throwback Tuesday 002

love at first sight
Z at 1 year old

See? Kids grew up so fast. The ten year-difference say it so. She is now as tall as me. One day she’ll be taller. I gave birth to her when I was 38. Didn’t really expected anymore I could be pregnant. But, thanks God, I did! A real darling!

Z at 11 years old

Love you Z!    Love, Mamma

Saying Hello To September

My family, taken at Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Believe it or not, it’s now September!

Today is the start of -ber days, and that means Christmas is coming again! How time flies reeaaaaallly fast! Vacation is almost over for the kids, and they’ll be back in school on the 14th of this month. My kids have been vacationing too much (almost 3 months!). They themselves, of course get annoyed from time to time, especially when we just stay home. My second son will be on his third middle school, while my daughter is going to be a first-grader. Exciting! She got a lot of questions: “Mamma, can i see my former classmates again from pre-school? Who will be my teachers? Who will be my new classmates?” And so on, and so forth.

I know she will obviously miss her former classmates/teachers/school, but i am telling her everything’s gonna be fine. “Just greet and smile at the other kids, so you can meet new friends. No need to be scared.”  For my little girl, it would be like starting from scratch again. I mean, new school, teachers and classmates. But, i’m sure she will be able to adjust eventually.

For my second son, it will be his last year in his school. There’s no high school in his campus. I’m sure he’ll enjoy more of his school now, as well as his classmates.

A lot of my friends and acquaintances are celebrating their birthdays, so i always regard September as a “happy birthday month”. 

There are lots of things for me this September:

// My italian friend is convincing me to bring my daughter to a fashion show casting of Mirtillo brand, that will be held in  Lugano (Switzerland). OK. The question is, when does this event will be held? The answer is, October 10, which means weekdays. I’ll think about it first.

//The TV spot “option” for my daughter won’t push through. Her agent told me, they chose a little blond girl. But, that’s OK. At least i won’t have to be absent from work. No harm done.

//The sure thing is, she’ll be part of a photo shoot on September 19, with the concept of “Back-to-School”.

//More and more pieces of useless papers to throw. My hub’s voice is echoing on my head, “Do you still need those receipts, lists and brochures? Throw them out”. 

//Save & organize all the new photos from our trips this August in the hard disc.

//Watch some movies! I haven’t been to cinema theater since “50-Shades of Grey”.

//Blog a lot, when i can!

So tell me, what are you most looking forward to in September?


Back to Normal

Sometimes i wish i am a child again. Kids normally do nothing but have so much fun. Second day of January and it’s a working day. So much for waking a bit up late and eating a lot.

Back to my normal life: a working mom.

Have a nice day!


My two kids: Zendra & Jaki, having their time of their lives on ipad.