Marriage & Moments


A lot of research shows that people who remain married to one partner are the happiest, and that married people are statistically happier and live longer than their non-married counterparts. But, do we even exactly know why some marriages work and some don’t?

If there will be a real “formula” for a perfect marriage, then all the marriages will be separation/divorce-proof. Does a “perfect” wife or husband exists? ¬†Perfect is a big word, a big challenge, a big miracle, i guess.

Nobody’s perfect. That’s a fact. I am not perfect, nor my husband. But we do find perfect ways to live happily. For me, “perfect ways” could just mean…being contented enough. It’s the way we perceive things around us.


Why am i talking about this?

One of my long lost friend confessed her marriage is over, after nine years of being together. “Why is that?”, i asked her. “I don’t know…maybe we just took each other for granted…”.

“..took each other for granted…”

This phrase kept on echoing on my mind. How can it be possible for a couple, fallen in love, stayed for long years, then suddenly it’s over?

I can’t answer that for my self either.

When you’re married, you need to be realistic with your relationship expectations. I repeat, “nobody’s perfect!” Expect the personal weaknesses and imperfections of each other. After all, we are human.

Human commit mistakes. Human have emotions. Human can be impulsive. Human can hurt.

Marriages need work: Team work. Always a two-way relationship.

A simple compliment, gesture, surprise or deed will always be a good ingredient to a good marriage. People in happy marriages feel appreciated, loved, and respected. Remind your spouse of their talents, strengths, and what you love and like about them much more.

Don’t take your partner for granted.

I always believe, regularly laughing together may even be more powerful to have a lasting marriage or relationship.

Reminisce about your happy and funny times. It’s a great way of staying bonded.

“Remember when we had our vacation……”

“Do you remember that funny thing that happened last year…”

Us? Me and my hub used to cuddle before sleeping, or after waking-up (especially during weekends), then reminisce and laugh about the stupid or wacky things we did, or we’re doing. Never a dull moment. Sometimes we can’t breathe of laughing. Try those moments. It lessens the stress, lightens up some worries, and stamps a big smile on your face throughout the day.

Good luck & best wishes!






18 Years of Us

Ribbet collage
Photo taken in Paris, France

“The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from God.”

What else can i say? I’m a happy and blessed wife.