Classic Z!

Sorry for my absences here. There’s a lot happening around me these past few weeks. My daughter Zendra had a lot of things to do:castings, pictorials, shootings. I recently republished her Facebook Fan Page, and needs a lot of updates. I am posting also for Bubblews. And my photoblog on Blogger is having cobwebs too. What a busy life.

As much as i wanted to, i can’t stay longer and sit here, tell about everything.I hope i would really find a lot of time to do that. So, be reminded, that i’ll be popping in and out here. Maybe by October i’ll be more free to write and share,

Thanks for dropping by!

Busy Bee

Busy Bee

i’m not forgetting my wordpress page. it’s just that i have been busy for the last weeks. back to normal work and my daughter Z had been busy with fotoshoots and some tv commercials. I’m a busy mom.

I hope i will be back on track soon and share all these wonderful stories and photos.

I will leave you now one of the photos during Z’s photoshoot.
Outfit: Kimbalo
Head dress: H&M

Necklace: Terranova

Bracelet: Kiddie’s

Photo Credits: Valentina Mantovani

No Sometimes Is Good

No Sometimes Is Good

I finally said “NO, WE CAN’T COME”…to Malandrone Moda for their offer to Z to be their model for winter. I know they wanted Z, (i refused them last march for summer ad). but sometimes, it’s best to say No.

Reason N. 1: It’s in Livorno, almost 4 hrs of travel by train

Reason N. 2: The shooting is at 4pm (it’s Z’s nap time, for sure she’ll be moody)

Reason N. 3: There’s no more train going back to Milan after 4pm, it means we need to sleep there, gastos pa sa hotel.

Reason N. 4: No money fee, only clothes. But it’s not important as reasons 1-3. Ayokong mapagod si Z!

Now, tell me, was it a good decision?