October First



SEPTEMBER had ended and it’s October already.

Really? It means it’s 2 months, 3 weeks and 3 days until Christmas!

But before that, i want to savor first the autumn season.

I love autumn: the yellow and orange leaves falling from the trees, making the park a bed of leaves. cool.

Have a lovely first of October!

Morbid, Yet Real

(foto courtesy of Four Thirds Photographer)

it’s almost 12:22am here now. i just finished watching 1000 ways to die. people can die those ways. rare cases of accidental deaths are really stranger than fiction. death is a natural thing though. we will all go there. the “beyond“, as what others call. i’m not afraid to die, but of course i’m not yet ready to die. i just consider death as a friend. always there behind us, reminding everyone to enjoy life to the fullest now. for one day, it will soon be our “time”.

life is short. so, eat dessert first! =)