Long Weekend in Turin

Me and my daughter in front of “Il Po” fountain in Turin, Italy

OK, dish me up, but we had a long weekend! We were in Turin to relax, and have fun as well. We’re back in Milan yesterday night, yet my daughter will have some shootings and castings this week.

Promise, i’ll update. Soon as i have all the time in the world. =)



Jardin Exotique (Monaco, France)


It was actually my second travel to Monaco. I was with my relatives, without the hub and kids about two years ago.

Yet, it was my first time here at The Exotic Garden of Monaco.

If you have only a day in Monaco, i would definitely recommend a trip up on the hill for this visit. A bit gasp for breath, yet worth the walk. From the main city, you just have to take a 10-minute bus ride going up. The ticket costs 2 euro back and forth. The entrance ticket includes visits to the Exotic Garden, the Observatory Cave and the Prehistoric Anthropology Museum. Not bad. 3-in-1.
Adults: €7. 20
Children (6-18 years’ old): €3.80
Students (with card, under 30 yrs old): €3.80
Senior (+ 65 yrs old): €5.50

The Exotic Garden of Monaco is open all year except for the 19 November (Fête Nationale) and 25 December.

January:  9.00 – 17.00
February to April: 9.00 – 18.00
May to September: 9.00 – 19.00
October: 9.00 – 18.00
November to December: 9.00 – 17.00


The Exotic Garden of Monaco has managed to stay unique in its genre since it opened to the public in 1933. It brings together a wide variety of plants known as ‘succulents’ in outstanding open-air surroundings.

Succulent plants are ones that have adapted to dry climates in various ways, the most spectacular being the possession of a hypertrophied organ (leaf or stem) to stock water reserves.   Cacti (or cactus) make up the most representative family of this group.  They stand out by their absence of leaves, replaced by thorns.The plants acclimatized in this garden come from various far-away dry zones (hence the term ‘exotic’): the South-West of the United-States; Mexico; Central and South America for cacti and agaves; South Africa; Eastern Arabia and theArabian Peninsula for the other succulents.  In spite of their extravagant shapes, they are plants in their own right, regularly producing flowers in order to reproduce.

The flowering period is spread over practically the whole year depending on the place of origin of each species: winter for Aloes and African Crassula, spring and summer for most cacti.  Contrary to a widely held view, only a small number of cacti flower at night.  A great many produce big, colourful, diurnal flowers.
Excerpts from http://www.jardin-exotique.mc/en/presentation-du-jardin-exotique/


It was one of the amazing gardens i have ever seen. Gigantic succulents around, and to think that the whole garden is built vertically on the hill. You just can spend your time, never minding to get lost in the beautiful walkways admiring the beautiful landscape, with huge cactus growing out of the giant rocks. There are plenty of steps and bridges, so if you have feet or leg problems, it’s not advisable. Wearing heels is a big NO, if you want to curse yourself for wearing one while stepping up and down of the many stairs.

amazing view from the top

The garden isn’t that big though, but bear in mind while taking pictures, always look behind you. you wouldn’t want to go home pretty bruised with those big iron needle-like cactus plants. They’re dangerous to get contacted with.

Anyway, what’s another worth to see is the stunning views of the city, the Italian Riviera, which was the main harbour of Monaco, the Old Town and the neighbourhood of Fontvielle. I finally surrendered saying…”OMG, parang postcard”…i just smile, take photos and never stop wondering silently.


We really did enjoy as well as my kids. Zendra keeps on looking down and uttering, “Wow…che bella Mamma!” (so beautiful)

Actually, this trip is a treat by my mom-in-law for her birthday. A belated celebration. She rarely come with us when we travel, because of her stay-in job. My brother-in-law as well, he never come with us. Me sariling business/lakad. So i guess, it’s a memorable day for all of us. Kahit papa’no complete dito.

I wouldn’t mind coming here again in the future. I will continue to be amazed for sure.


Near the bottom of the garden, there is the access gate to the extraordinary Observatory Grotto, which is well worth the visit.

I braved the 600 steps (300 down then 300 to get back up). Will share you about it on the coming blogs.

Thanks for cactusing with me! =)

Jardin Exotique (Monaco, France)



I know i have been a blog absentee for some days now. I have been measuring these huge succulents in Monte Carlo. kidding…. =)

We had a fantastic weekend in Monaco, France, and i have been busy with work. So tune in for a detailed travel blog soon as i grab more time to sit back and write/share everything. ok?

By the way, it’s my sister’s birthday today.
Love you sis! Wish you were here with me looking at these amazing plants.

Got you a postcard, at least! =)