going bananas!


my daughter and i are having “old video” time. i just have to recapture the moments with my digicam ‘coz i don’t have any pc software for video editing. anyway, blurry as it is, i had fun watching my son CJ braving the fall. (he can’t swim)

everything change

When Everything Change, Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsh

“please sit down.
no, really.
sit down.”
those first words of the book made me really sat down. i heard about this book from my friend Dew. and partly i blamed her (just kiddin’!), for i literally missed my subway train stop, reading this book. it’s a “can’t-stop-reading” stuff. it’s not just a book. it’s like a manual for a better perception of changes in life.
the changes in your life are not going to stop.
what can be changed is the way you deal with change and the way you’re changed by change.
life is movement. movement is change. every time a sub molecular particle swings through time and space, something is changing. change therefore is inevitable. it is the nature of life itself.
the trick of life is not to avoid change, but to create change. then, it is the kind of change you choose.
sometimes what change brings us is the fear that we will never get to where we wanted to go: that life will continue to do nothing but take away our hopes and our dreams, rob us of opportunities, kill our spirit, and strip us of raison d’etre. all of this is normal. it’s understandable that you would feel that way.
9 changes that change everything:
1. change your decision to “go it alone”
2. change your choice of emotions
3. change your choice of thoughts
4. change yoir choice of truths
5. change your idea about change itself
6. change your idea about why change occurs
7. change your idea about future change
8. change your idea about life
9. change your identity
there are five things a person must do to successfully and powerfully implement the nine changes that can change everything:
1. desire absolutely
2. understand thoroughly
3. embrace completely
4. enact consistently
5. share wisely
everything is already changing, and if we want it to change in the direction that we choose, we have to change everything.
so start with yourself, then touch others.
read the book…it will give you good changes!


we were all excited about the new vending machine installed in my place of work.
we can actually use now our badge card to buy something. we bid goodbye to our old vending machine key.
first day: D*mned! practically ate .60euro cents from my card!
i ordered for 2 mineral waters.
didn’t get any.

2nd day: see? a santal pineapple juice was stucked already!

3rd day: still not working

the other machine works though (only for that day)

fresh orange juice anyone? costs 1.80 euro. what?!

2nd week: i found a note posted at the machine

it says: “it’s disgusting! change this… also the other one!”

the other machine is out of service too.

end of the week: another note that says: 9.50euro was stolen by the machine. this machine never really function at all!
i’m looking forward next week. i’m having fun capturing the employees’ notes!
should i post: “crap!”