emotional intelligence

American Bookstore is quite tempting in front of me when i got off the bus yesterday. I ended up buying Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. I’m not a prolific reader when travelling (makes me dizzy sometimes). Surprisingly, i read almost half of the book @ the subway. the book’s intriguing.

a glimpse of the first page.
–and some excerpts…
the question is, how could someone of such obvious intelligence do something so irrational-so downright dumb? the answer: academic intelligence has little to do with emotional life. the brightest among us can founder on the shoals of unbridled passions and unruly impulses; pepole with hig IQ’s can be stunningly poor pilots of their private lives.

5 domains of emotional intelligence:

1. knowing one’s emotions. self-awareness — recognizing a feeling as it happens – is a keystone of emotional intelligence

2. managing emotions. handling feelings so they are appropriate is an ability that builds self-awareness.

3. motivating oneself. emotional self-control underlies accomplishment of every sort

4. recognizing emotions in others. empathy is the fundamental people skill.

5. handling relationships. the art of relationships is, in large part, skill in managing emotions in others.
i’m still reading the second half.
loving it!

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